Multiple people shot at San Bernardino school

Multiple people shot at San Bernardino school

Shooter down, condition unknown

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20 Responses

  1. Generic Asian American Guy says:

    Five bucks says it was either a gang or people from a certain depraved sandbox.

  2. Matt says:

    But CA has such strict guns laws?! How could this have happened ?!?!

  3. Let us consider says:

    If america becomes a gun free zone then the government will become the shooter.

    It is better that a few people go crazy and kill tens of others than a government go crazy and kill millions that it disarmed… Mao, Stalin, Hitler,,. You want to disarm someone if they are your enemy. So ask yourself… Who wants to disarm you? Those who wan’t gun control should forever give up their own right to have guns.

  4. Archaz says:

    Lol. Again. Does this shit happen every week ?

  5. JimsMetalSalvage says:

    It was an illegal that has been deported at least 3 times.

  6. FucXYouEvery1 says:

    Probably one of those gun-free zones

  7. Nickolia Falvolf says:

    Two killed?! Damm scrub was one off his UAV

  8. cole wheeler says:

    Ban idiots not guns

  9. Courtney Claxton says:


  10. Grimlock ̇ ̆ ̇ says:

    Yes, Fox News, we really need to know the demographic of the students. This information is critical.

  11. Zero Danna says:

    Guess gun control didn’t ‘t help anyone… well, besides helping the shooter.

  12. David Morgan says:

    Get ready! The lib tard Dems will spin the shit out of this. Let me guess it will be a AR 15. Then thay never find one!

  13. AP-Atlas says:

    I don’t understand how the gun free zone sign didn’t work

  14. Shock Master says:

    If suspect happens to be middle eastern, blame a whole Religion
    If suspect is Black, blame a whole race
    If suspect is Hispanic, blame a whole country
    If suspect is White…uh, he was just one single mentally Ill person. Let’s not get  into conclusions…

  15. ChillBreeze says:

    I like how people don’t realize that the only areas that get attacked by murderers or terrorists are areas with a law against guns so they can’t fight back.

  16. Omar Raymundo says:

    Wait ! So you’re saying gun control doesn’t work ?! How could that be ?!! ?

  17. 22GoldenMega says:

    smh so sad.. sending prayers..

  18. franklin cantu says:

    Kid walks into class “All the other kids and there pumped up kicks”

  19. Job Done Right says:

    Trump hoping it was an illegal or Muslim. He’s waiting so he can tweet

  20. Gerardo Chavez says:

    The guy only killed 2 people thats it??? pfff scrub i would have gotten more than 10 boi im no noob

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