MultiVersus is an all-new free-to-play, platform fighter featuring team-based matchups with an ever-expanding cast of iconic characters. Download and start playing NOW with full cross-play and cross-progression across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC – #MultiVersusSponsored


Thumbnail art by Lumi:

The Intro song is “The One and Lonely” by Carter Ace
Check him out here:

The Outro song is “Bone Theme” by Michael Wyckoff
Check him out here:

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41 Responses

  1. Macro says:

    Which character do you want added to this game?

  2. Dazs says:

    Going to be playing this game legit because of your video! Always love the content you make man!

  3. The great mal jabroni says:

    If they can literally put LeBron James in the game then that means that about any WB character can be in it So there’s a possibility that we might get Brock Sampson one day

  4. Riptidal 7 says:

    This game has felt way better than I thought it would. I’ve had so much fun, and I can’t wait to unlock my soul main, LeBron James

  5. Kevduit says:

    I still can’t believe you got robert battinson for your intro, actually insane

  6. Pulp says:

    I have noticed the prices of characters are based off the difficulty. Recommended characters cost 1500, mid tier characters cost 2000, and expert characters cost 3000 or 2500

    • Squircle D says:

      @A guy on the internet dog why the hostility 🫤 I just pointed out a complaint I have and ur getting all in ur feelings. I still like the game in fact I’ve been having more fun with this games gameplay then with SSB. At this point I just want prices standardized. Agree to disagree Ig.

    • A guy on the internet says:

      @Squircle D First off if you want all the characters then save up for characters you dolt. If you want perks then focus on perks. Second off the reason people brought up other games is to show how nice the game is compared to others, if it was any other free to play, it would take a week or more to unlock a single character without paying, which brings me to my third point of if you want to unlock all the characters but are too impatient then spend maybe 5 or so bucks to get one instantly. With the pace you’re at, you have unlocked all characters in two and a half weeks after getting it, and, idk, maybe you don’t wanna play that long, but you want to cut it down to one week and a couple days

    • Benjamin Aguilar says:

      @Squircle D lmfao so you want to unlock every character by 2 days in…..

    • Squircle D says:

      @A guy on the internet OMG I really don’t give a f abt how other games work. I’m just saying that I would rather want at least one more character per day. In Fact I wasn’t even able to get a character today bc I had to spend most my coins on perks. I want to play characters like iron giant or Tom and Kerry but they are literally just way too expensive. If they just made them 2k I would think this game is amazing.

    • A guy on the internet says:

      @Squircle D Do you understand how quickly one character a day is? You’re not getting that in any other ftp, like with apex

  7. Leslie Jacoby says:

    If they make every ben 10 alien a separate charcter I’m here for it cause let’s be honest the man’s is a fighting roster himself. That is not even including his cast of villains and allies that seem to be forgotten.

    • Leslie Jacoby says:

      @Poopyfartboi RIP to my boy Swampfire, Big chill, spider-monkey, and echo echo. Also hoping more than just Ben makes it as he is the only one to get put into games not focusing solely on him. I actually am surprised there has not been a game with the chance to play as Gwen and Kevin.

    • Poopyfartboi says:

      @Leslie Jacoby we don’t need all 10 aliens though, that would be redundant. Having a few of the main ones though like four arms and diamondhead would make more sense, limiting his selection to three or four or even five that play well would be cool if they all have different movesets that feel good.

    • Leslie Jacoby says:

      @Poopyfartboi I feel like that though ends up being overcomplicated and aliens will end up being left out unless each new ben 10 show gets their main 10 (young Ben orginal 10 and teenage Ben with his ultimate forms).

    • Poopyfartboi says:

      Nah I think he should be one character who could have completely different move sets based on who he morphs into (could be his down special with a selection thing similar to Finn’s market)

    • BMX!!! says:

      Ben is def gonna be his own character ,they said he was taking longer than expected to develop

  8. JustYourAverageWeeb says:

    I am loving this game so far and can’t wait to see what characters they add in the future, especially 3rd party characters!

    • DEMEZ,,,,,,, 👇😍 says:

      ❤Only for fans over 18 year⤵️
      Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusammen die Nummern 10 und 1. Eine Kopilendot.Online Brünette und eine andere Blondine. Es wäre unfair, wenn ich 4 wählen würde

  9. OMEGA GEEK says:

    Tip for Finn: don’t buy anything, your up special does more damage depending on how much coin you have

    • RealBakedBeans says:

      @Isiah by the time BMO guarantees a kill you usually have the gold for it. all it really takes is like two combos and an up special to get the money anyways

    • Isiah says:

      @RealBakedBeans BMO costs way too much imo

    • Isiah says:

      @RealBakedBeans it’s not even defense, it’s a one time projectile shield while using shop 💀

    • RealBakedBeans says:

      this is cap. you want to buy speed into matchups where they outrange you/have armor and BMO can be an incredible finisher

      never buy the defense tho that shit is ass

  10. F M says:

    I like the fact that they embrace the meme of shaggy making him go godmode

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