MultiVersus of Badness

MultiVersus of Badness

Mark my words Sylvester will be DLC.

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45 Responses

  1. Kable10 says:

    Dunkey you will be regretting yourself when Walter White joins the battle

  2. Dusk says:

    my favorite part of the video is when Bugs called Superman a “dumbus betch”

  3. yoR says:

    I actually really like the incohesive roster, it feels so ridiculous. The voice acting for every character is really good too. It’s a game I play and actually laugh a lot while playing. Definitely not perfect but I’m excited for the roster to grow and become even more of a fuckfest.

    • Nathan Petrich says:

      @mana256k I see your Abella Danger and raise you a Lauren Phillips. Her infinite grab combo against a wall is really scary against smaller characters like Alice Merchesi.

    • dogchaser520 says:

      @Bandanna Doo That’s not the only reason it’s better, IMO, though the cooperative element of 2v2 adds a huge amount of depth. Note that this is just an evaluation from a few days of play, but I’ve played thousands of hours of Smash and have some credibility. Yes, Smash 64 still has the biggest moments, but the Smash franchise has not evolved much in the last 20 years. They just add on more: more characters, more gameplay options … (Meanwhile having barely tolerable matchmaking and price-gouging for roster additions…) Smash will continue to develop, but it’s pretty much locked in. There’s no changing it for the next 20 years. It will become what Street Fighter is now. Not that good because it’s stuck pleasing fans who demand consistency with the old while never utilizing any real innovation to make a better game. But MV’s free to do that, and it’s done it.

    • JakeTheSnake says:

      @Thepicausno or I can play multiverses because it’s an actual good game with a ridiculous roster. No personality and theme? This game is a work of ART, It’s called abstract genius one of the most famous of them all

    • erickr199 says:

      fuckfest, that was the word I was looking for

    • Narius_Jaden says:

      @Thepicausno oh bs, this is an amazing opportunity to have a nutty roster. Not everyone has the same wishes as you and they certainly don’t need every game to follow rigid rules.

  4. AbandonedProgram says:

    This video is 17 hours old and it feels like it came out yesterday. Donkey’s humor truly is timeless.

  5. Aidan Wasserman says:

    Pretty messed up how callously he took those points from Hufflepuff. They were gonna win the house cup for sure this year

  6. Average Phlog Fan says:

    I love how the last quarter of the video is used to talk about how the game is free. Really drives home the dunkey ideology that having a platform fighter is a human right

    • Caleb Johnson says:

      @SnooKappa 60$ AND a monthly subscription on top of that for some of the worst online I’ve ever touched

    • catfatsad says:

      @Eric Mathew Brawlhalla has the same 10 characters but 100 times, lmao.

    • mana256k says:

      @gene lovell ehhh while thats all flashy and nice. you do need to also understand doing that is EASY for them. theyre a giant monopoly. 100k to win over a fan such as yourself and probably a few thousands more that share the same sentiment? get half of them to spend 20 bucks? made their money back and then some. not saying youre wrong or that wb should be shamed or anything. just, context matters.

  7. Burtieee e says:

    Everyone’s talking about Heisenberg joining the battle, but we all know the real threat is Elf.
    Winter is coming

  8. Freeblade Invictus says:

    The fact that there’s a chance for godzilla makes this a 10/10

  9. luc moutin says:

    I been reading all these comments and I gotta say, why does one game have to win over the other? Smash is incredible and has been the top platform fighter for a whilllleee. Multiversus is amazing and has some great features and some things they gotta work on but hey it’s in fucking beta. That’s it.

    • Silver says:

      Its wild reading these comments fighting for either game, imagine shilling and advertising so hard for any game when you don’t even get paid to do it lol.

  10. Trevor says:

    We need Elmer Fudd in this game. along with the Animaniacs, Neo from the matrix, Beetlejuice, Ace Ventura, The Joker, Dexter, Gumball, Mordecai, and Rigby. We also need Ed, Edd, and Eddy, Daffy Duck, Fred Flintstone, Jay Gatsby, Plank, Samurai Jack, Micheal Jordan, The Atom, Willy Wonka, and Zorro. and this is just stuff warner bros owns directly

    • dogchaser520 says:

      @Šimon Chaloupka Looks unconfirmed still. There was some datamining in the pre-open-beta release which devs seemed to have meant to be found. Gandalf was the only one that surprised me there and who is actually confirmed by visible files

    • soccersoren2 says:

      They have plans to add like half of the people you mentioned

    • Marker Crayon says:

      Elmer Fudd should use his iconic elmerfudddday move when he joins the game!

    • Andrew Tapia says:

      Damn dog that’s crazy 😮 so who do you wanna see on the roster for multiversus?

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