Mumford & Sons – If I Say (Lyric Video)

Mumford & Sons – If I Say (Lyric Video)

Mumford & Sons – If I Say
From the forthcoming album Delta. Pre-order now:

Delta out 16th November

Tickets for the Delta Tour are now on sale. For a full list of dates and local timings, visit

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Artwork by Patricia Hofstede. Edited by Maarten Van Der Wolf

Music video by Mumford & Sons performing If I Say (Lyric Video). © 2018 Mumford & Sons, under exclusive licence to Universal Island Records Ltd.

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41 Responses

  1. Hafsa Bukhary says:

    Best notification ever.

  2. Abbie_Parent says:

    So pumped ( also made it here under 10 views) That never happens lol. Great Song!!!!

  3. tonya perry says:

    *Stop teasing me and just give me the full album already*

  4. anirudh bakam says:

    Finally 1M subs 😍 ( most deserved band)

  5. Deivydas Hunter says:

    “You’ve won without an enemy” 👌🏻

  6. Joe Traaholt says:

    Album of the year in coming !

  7. Iamslevin says:

    I came here without a choice too. Awesome!!

  8. Jessica Manuszewski says:

    OMG I LOVE THE VIOLINS!!! How different and unique for them!

  9. Machiavelli says:

    My favourite thing about Mumford and Sons has always been the fantastic song writing. This song is beautifully written and the somber, almost haunting music composition fits it perfectly.

  10. Raj Pancholi says:


  11. Paheli says:

    This song came at a perfect time. Thank you Mumford & Sons for helping me get through the tough times in my life!

  12. Matheus Molina says:

    Melhor banda do mundo

  13. Jenny D says:

    I’m requesting the other 35 songs you didn’t put on Delta. Because I am BLOWN AWAY at what I’ve already heard from Delta! This is beautiful. Thank you so so much for your music. See you soon 🙂

  14. Cesar Pinto says:

    Clicked like before even listening

  15. Pieter-Hendrik White says:

    This song is absolutely stunning!! Honestly, Mumford and sons continue to amaze me!!

  16. a person says:

    on the one hand i respect this group for branching out, on the other hand i will never not miss their old style as much as i try to enjoy their new music.

  17. Georgee The GeNeSiS says:

    Guys… Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this music! <3

  18. Nicole. says:

    If i say I love Mumford & Sons, then I love Mumford & Sons

  19. Alicja Wasilewicz says:

    I feel like it’s about all of us. Every human being. We came here without a choice, some of us are born into better position, some worse. Some are unhappy even if they posses goods, some are happy even if they have nothing. We are here to love each other, this is our decision to say it out loud and really love others. So beautiful <3

  20. J Wilder says:

    God I love these people

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