Mumford & Sons – The Wolf (Official Audio)

Mumford & Sons – The Wolf (Official Audio)

‘Wilder Mind’, the new album will be released 4th May 2015
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Director: Ross Stirling
Producer: Claire Jones
DOP: Nick Gillespie
Editor: Rebecca Luff @ Ten Three Editing
Colourist: Jason Wallis

Production Company: Moxie Pictures & Studio Juice
Post-Production: Electric Theatre Collective

Music video by Mumford & Sons performing Believe (Official Audio). (C) 2015 Mumford & Sons, under exclusive licence to Island Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Limited

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20 Responses

  1. Tyler Appleby says:

    During this song and their other recent release (Believe), I can’t help but
    imagine what they would sound like if they were done acoustically like
    their past two albums. Although I do like these songs as they are, and
    welcome this new approach from Mumford and Sons, I just think that if these
    new songs were done the traditional Mumford way, they could be much more

  2. haloharley15 says:

    Good on M&S for expanding their sound and doing what THEY want to do. I
    found myself not focusing on the lyrics and just listening to the noise.
    Its like any other radio play I hear nowadays. Old M&S would catch my ear
    and I’d focus to it, but this feels like a play for sales, but I dont care
    because they’re doing what they love and how they want to do it

  3. AncestralReflections says:

    🙁 If I didn’t know it was Mumford I wouldn’t know it was Mumford.

  4. KKortez says:

    The only problem I have with this song is that the music wasn’t mixed well
    with the vocals, which makes it hard to hear and understand the words.
    That’s a huge problem though, and a problem a band with so many resources
    shouldn’t have. I hope the other songs don’t suffer from this problem, I
    really want to like Wilder Mind.

  5. Zaboomafoo996 says:

    I got tickets to see one of their secret shows and thought I would be able
    to get in using my fake. The bouncer however noticed and would not let my
    friend and I in. I have never been so upset and to be honest I am still not
    really over it. These guys always kill it live and I am so upset I missed
    the opportunity to see them. I really hope I get to see them at some point
    and I apologize for taking two tickets away from people who could have made
    it in the door. Kills me to hear their new stuff and know that they would
    have played it at the show.

  6. superiguana1 says:

    The last release for this album sounded bland and generic to me… this is
    a lot better. I like it, but I have to agree they’ve lost some of what made
    them so unique. Definitely a positive step in the right direction though,
    to keep making what they have been making would have been a step back.

  7. Emily A says:

    whhhhhhhhhy D’:

  8. Eloise. Okay. says:

    For me each album has been different from the last. But please one acoustic

  9. ChanelDarkSide says:

    Okokok , love the music , but again this is different , is not 100% mumford
    , but its ok they are trying new style to break the old mumford style , to
    not look like mumford do the same kind of music over and over again , was
    the main critic given by the “not mumford and sons fans” : ” all the songs
    sound the same ” ,and obvious was a lie , but look like they accept accept
    the criticism in a good way, to try a new thing in this album .Again I
    FUCKING LOVE IT this song and I can’t stop listening Believe ,I’m a real
    Mumford & sons fan , I just wish they don’t forget the folk , one of the
    good main reasons why we fans enjoy Mumford so mutch 😉 Sorry for the bad

  10. graniteiii says:

    LAME! Give me your old style, I don’t need another Coldplay or U2.

  11. VondeLynn says:

    I really enjoy this new energy to the music, I just wish the vocals were
    mixed better with the music. I can’t hear the song thru the music. Fingers

  12. Ally Mc says:

    Where. Is. The. Banjo.

  13. Lauren Walters says:

    Their new sound is disappointing. The banjo and folksy sound is their
    signature. I know they want to keep things fresh, but why change it if it’s
    not broken?

  14. Joy Doerksen says:

    now they just sound like U2.

  15. Quick Opinion says:

    I like this song a lot actually. Ya, it’s a departure but if it keeps
    things fun, new, and exciting for them then what’s the problem? I’m sure we
    will here the banjo acoustic stuff again from them, but if this is what
    makes them happy right now and it’s quality, I’m all for it.

  16. Matheus Fachine says:

    I’m sorry. I really like M&S but all I hear in these 2 new songs is noise.
    Can someone please show me that i’m wrong.

  17. วรรณวลี สุวรรณวงศ์ says:

    feel good

  18. Quick Opinion says:

    Well, they got everybody talking about them at least.

  19. SportVids says:

    Mumford & Sons releases music that sounds the same as the previous two
    albums, “Here we go again.. Sigh No More 3.” Mumford & Sons releases music
    with a new sound, “They are sellouts! Bring back the Banjo!” Damn… Just
    enjoy the music. If you like it then stop listening. No one is stopping

  20. Sean Lane says:

    Selling out