Muncy’s homer in 18th ends marathon Game 3: 10/26/18

Muncy’s homer in 18th ends marathon Game 3: 10/26/18

Daily Recap: Max Muncy’s walk-off homer in the 18th lifted the Dodgers to a 3-2 win in a marathon Game 3, cutting the series deficit to 2-1

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87 Responses

  1. Bishop Smith says:

    The game was 18 innings, 7 hrs, 20 mins, and it was a masterpiece. JBJ being clutch again, Nuñez falling all the time and Muncy clutch walkoff homer after nearly hitting one earlier.

  2. Brobeans23 says:

    Seahawks should’ve ran it

  3. Javier Sánchez says:

    Two games in one lol! Good pitching from both teams. I wonder how many base runners were stranded for both teams.

  4. Brooklyn says:

    amazing game .. Go Dodgers MUNCY blasted it

  5. Marc Rapaccuiolo says:

    Machado is such a joke

    • tbone21158 says:

      Agreed! However on Muncy’s game winner, which was a wall scraper, he wasn’t exactly tearing it up either.

    • Jose Villalpando says:

      I like Machado I hop they resign him and has a full year as a dodger I think he’ll light it up next year. I have his jersey

    • Jameriquai Erna says:

      +Jose Villalpando Appears to be a cool dude. Just don’t ask him to: help you build a dog house, mow your yard, help you move, oooor help win a world series because he’s lazy. Shit will never get accomplished.

    • Agent 86 says:

      Marc Rapaccuiolo No respect for today’s manager. Machado should have been benched for his lack of hustle. He’s a jerk and has no respect for the game.

    • tbone21158 says:

      +Jose Villalpando Manny is a lifetime Yankees fan who prefers the east coast. However, I hope they resign him too. He is not a winner, he is a me guy.

  6. David Ellis says:

    Ladies & Gentlemen we have a series now !! Good Morning !! Go Dodgers ! ! True Dodger Blue.


    Modern approach to managing stinks: Buehler should have been kept in the game: it would have been over in 9.

    • Mike Evans says:

      +Nicholas Fanzo H-U-S-T-L-E fool!

    • Tc Shay says:

      LEXICOGRAFFER I would normally Agree, but Buehler is coming off of Tommy John Surgery. He can’t pitch 135 pitches. He is already over his max number of innings pitched for the year

    • Robert Matetich says:

      Kyle, absolutely. The Sox had a great opportunity with one on and one out. A bunt puts him in scoring position and they’ve been scoring with two outs all season. And don’t get me started about the stupid throw br Benintendi in the 13th. Any high-schooler knows that you hold the ball in that situation.

    • shipdestroyer 33 says:

      WufpupPlayz they should have put Baez in for the 8th and Jansen for the last two outs in the 9th

    • shipdestroyer 33 says:

      Lazy M91 im a huge dodgers fan, but I don’t want a player like Machado to stay. Much rather have grounded players like Turner, Seager, and Rich Hill in our lineup

  8. The Babblers says:

    18 innings, Dodgers won. A game has 9 innings, 9×2 is 18. This game was 2 games. Therefore the series should be tied 2-2 amiright?

  9. Saul Zepeda says:

    I get that we one a game,but stop acting like we’re back in this,we still got work to do,this is such a lethal team that we can’t take the foot off the peddle,let’s win this next one now!..

    • Brodie Martin says:

      Skyblue5914 ahhh classy dodger fans saying a team sucks even though they are in the world series

    • Abigail Lussier says:

      Skyblue5914 at least the “worst team” can afford to loose the game. One mess up from your dodgers and you can kiss this all goodbye

    • Skyblue5914 says:

      Im not a dodgers fan, Im just stating truth… If the Yankees actually learned to play small ball with their stacked lineup, the Red Sox wouldn’t even be in the WS to begin with…. They’re just taking advantage of the fact that no one else in the league plays small ball

    • Rudy Guijarro says:

      Skyblue5914 “if” doesn’t matter in sports lol

    • Tj_dumphy says:

      Skyblue5914 what’s so wrong with small ball? It’s called playing smart

  10. Mar Blox says:

    18 Innings – First World Series Double Header.!!!

  11. R R says:

    Damn I fell asleep in the 15th..smh …..

  12. Vincent F says:

    Roberts needed to keep Buehler in through the 8th rather than putting in Jansen..
    Then Look what happens…
    It’s cool though..
    L.A. pulls off an ugly win…

  13. Michael Lang says:

    Nice to see Tommy Lasorda. Was almost surprised. That 91 yr old cat is quite a character.

  14. annoying joe says:

    Long fly ball with nobody out, tie game bottom 18 and he’s walking to first. brilliant.

    • glenn redegeld says:

      😂 it barely got out too

    • GH1618 says:

      annoying joe — He made it, didn’t he?

    • glenn redegeld says:

      Lazy M91 no he didn’t. It barely got out. Manny machado did the same thing because he thought it was gone too and he ended up only getting a single instead of a easy double

    • Always ShiftN says:

      Hope buck gets fired!

    • Daniel Lee says:

      I think he should have been busting it out of the box too but it had enough air under it that had it stayed in the park it would have been caught. I didn’t see the end so I don’t know where the outfielders were playing but with nobody out they were probably playing “no doubles” to keep from getting burned and Muncy getting in scoring position leading off the inning.

  15. jay f says:

    I see the Dodgers have a culture of staring at baseball’s instead of running the bases.

  16. cody bornstine says:

    Scariest game I have ever watched as a Dodgers fan

  17. Jon Davis says:

    Boston burned all their pitchers and LA got a lot of momentum for tomorrow I got LA by a blowout tomorrow and tied series 2-2 I hope,I’m right

  18. Baseball Worldwide says:

    This game will go down in history.. What an epic battle!

  19. Manuel González says:

    Que lindo es el béisbol.

  20. Shyan B says:

    And the oscar goes to Nunez for the best male actor.

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