Mura vs. Tottenham: Extended Highlights | UECL Group Stage MD 5 | CBS Sports Golazo Europe

Mura vs. Tottenham: Extended Highlights | UECL Group Stage MD 5 | CBS Sports Golazo Europe

Tottenham beat Mura 5-1 last meeting behind a Harry Kane hat trick and a repeat result would put them in a good place to advance to the next round. Air Date: Nov 25, 2021

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44 Responses

  1. Java ProgrammerLover says:

    Mura’s Manager team talk: “Lads, its Tottenham”

  2. dulce rivas says:

    Wow so this is why spurs wanted to play in a super league so they wouldn’t face power houses like Mura😃

  3. Andrew Gayle says:

    They didn’t really have to beat Tottenham, they just beat Davinson Sanchez🤣

  4. Jason Takhtadjian says:

    If Skip Bayless was a soccer fan, he say things like, “it was at the moment Bryan Gill missed that early chance that Spurs LOST the game! Kane had no help!”

  5. HarvEY SpEcter. says:

    Commentator: ” it’s a competition Spurs should be winning”
    Spurs: We are Allergic to TROPHIES 🏆

  6. RK Football says:

    We went to the UCL finals. Now we are getting knocked out of the conference league. The amount of curse in this cesspit of a club, is real.

    • RK Football says:

      @Kirk Aryee ok

    • R.I.P STEEZ says:

      @Tides Dortmund, city and ajax weren’t the easiest teams to play that season lol, plus it’s a tournament, the quality of the opposition doesn’t matter, it’s just 2 games, the team that comes to play takes it.

    • TheOne777 says:

      ​@Tides Your right, Spurs got Dortmund in the round of 16 which are a young team full of potential but very poor defensivly, Man City should have thrashed them by 6 or 7 over two legs in the quarterfinals because they are on another level compared to Spurs but they were unlucky and crumbled under pressure, and Ajax should have scored more and the tie should have been long over but they switched off defensivly. Spurs were made to look better then they were that season, they were an ageing team becoming medioce and thats why they were exsposed in the UCL in 19/20….

    • Henry Ruiz says:

      It should’ve been Ajax vs liverpool 😤

    • Suiiiii says:

      @Tides man city, Barca, dourtmond, Ajax in that one campign

  7. Tax Evader22 says:

    Spurs, the gift that keeps on giving

  8. Chris Flores says:

    As a Spurs fan, I’m so glad this league was built, to allow smaller clubs their opportunity to shine. So good for the players and their respective leagues.

    • Arijit Sarkar says:

      But it’s unfair for Tottenham, they didn’t have a chance against mighty Mura.

    • Chris Flores says:

      @Paul Young Tottenham will always be on a big stage no matter how bad they are, money will always keep them in the game, not necessarily win trophies, but in the game, Mura will never have that.

    • Jake Goodyear says:

      @Arijit Sarkar I thought I had a hair on my screen

    • Paul Young says:

      @Chris Flores Funny enough you make a very good point. Let’s be honest about it, in the last 30 years, Tottenham are not a club known in Europe for anything apart from one really good season in the champions league. A club that has won one or two league cups in the last 30 years. The only thing Tottenham has going for them is money. There is no other reason why Tottenham was included in the doomed super league other than economic reasons.

    • AI Snorky says:

      @Paul Young and who they gonna beat in the SuperLeague when they can’t play conference 😂

  9. Malek Tubaishat says:

    the referee is the man of the match. he hit the season record for yellow cards

  10. Jacob Aldridge says:

    “They fielded a second string team here today and they’re behind” 20 minutes later….. “Here’s Kane for Spurs” 🤣🤣🤣

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