Murdaugh attorney says he’s ‘mad as hell’ about leaked phone call

Murdaugh attorney says he’s ‘mad as hell’ about leaked phone call

Leaked Audio

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25 Responses

  1. Anthony Medina says:

    That’s rich! I’ll bet the parents of the girl his son, paw paw killed are “mad as hell” that they will never see their daughter grow up!

    • John Harding says:

      @Ray Ray they could have declined to ride the boat with the obviously drunk person

    • Ray Ray says:

      @John Harding : That’s exactly right, they were “walking normally” which is a pretty good indication some of them were sober enough to drive the boat and had the expectation that someone else would in fact drive the boat. Paul, who wouldn’t give up control, was completely blitzed on hard liquor and had a BAC so high it would have caused most people to pass out or vomit. He went berserk and within minutes killed one person and seriously injured the others. This was Paul, no one else.

    • John Harding says:

      they sure didn’t seem that concerned in video footage of them getting on the boat — they were laughing and walking normally. They’re at least partly responsible

    • Ray Ray says:

      @Anita Kristensen: They were partying over a several hour period with a cooler full of what appeared to be mostly weaker beer. To reach and maintain even .08 BAC every person on that boat would have to drink about 3 beers every hour continuously for the duration of the outing. There’s no question in my mind that at least a couple of people did not drink that much and could have legally driven the boat. Paul on the other hand spent an extra hour or so getting smashed while everyone else waited. Paul’s alcohol level was measured at .286 a full hour after the crash meaning it was probably 4 times the legal limit at the time of the crash. You can keep looking for justification or excuses for Mallory’s death if it makes you feel special but it was caused by Paul Murdaugh.

    • Anita Kristensen says:

      @Ray Ray they were all partying. They chose to get on the boat.

  2. 01sapphireGTS says:

    I would estimate this clown is safer in a cell than on the streets. I also think that Randolph (“Buster”) isn’t far away from cuffs either. . .

    • Jonnie Hickson says:

      ​@TerminaLance0311 You have posted at least three comments on this video. Before commenting more comments I highly suggest you research this family. Or at least watch the Netflix documentary. I have. Things are not what they appear to be.

    • The Observer says:

      Buster didn’t do anything so why should he be next?

    • Ginger Woo says:

      @TerminaLance0311 YOU should look at FACTS….BUMSTER IS NEXT!!!….LMAO

    • M. W. says:

      @TerminaLance0311 Buster, that’s you? 🤔

  3. bjohnson1149 says:

    Whoever leaked that call was likely paid big money to do it. As Bruce Lee said in one of his movies, “Money will buy cooperation.”

    • Jonnie Hickson says:


    • Roadnottaken27 says:

      Will this give his attorney some leverage for getting AM’s sentence reduced?

    • American meteorite fan says:

      Listen…then respond.
      It wasn’t leaked…it was released.
      Just because AM thought he was above the law and should be afforded special treatment doesn’t mean he was, everyone who has ever received a jail call knows it’s being recorded.
      AM is not some simpleton, he was an attorney who supposedly passed the bar exam…and he called his attorney on a recorded phone line, John is not a farmer either, he’s supposed to be a lawyer. His attorneys know better because they begged the judge to release AM to talk in Pootys office everyday, because they thought the lawyer pod wasn’t private enough….yet he talked on the public phone.
      Accusations of leaks don’t cover up bad representation very well.

  4. Appalachian Crochet Designs says:

    I am mad his office allowed family and friends to use his office phone to bypass security measures at the jail. *Bless his heart.*

  5. rylvnd hvze says:

    It ain’t cool to steal money from a dead woman too

  6. dodgingbullets says:

    Alex will NEVER stop trying to get out of jail by a techicality until he is DEEP in the prison system..Get him there please, we are tired of AM games…

  7. Cdelane3 says:

    They usually announce at the first of the call the attorney does that it’s attorney client privilege call but I never heard that and no information was even in it. However, this is not a good thing at all for that jail to do!

  8. Ann N says:

    Angry? Do you think we care? Not at all! All we cared about is his conviction of brutal killing his son and wife, and how justice was served that he’s locked up for life . For now, the only thing we care about is the financial case and the victims of Alex Murderer and hoping justice will be served for them soon as well.

  9. A C-V says:

    Is this the phone call where AM is telling his son BM that he definitely, in no way had anything to do with Stephen Smith’s death? Or was that a different call?

  10. Jesus Christ says:

    Is Alex more upset that this audio clip was leaked than the fact that he butchered his son and wife?

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