MURDER DRONES – Episode 2: Heartbeat

MURDER DRONES – Episode 2: Heartbeat



Created by @Liam Vickers Animation
#Glitch #GlitchProductions #MurderDrones
Enjoy (◕‿◕✿)

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27 Responses

  1. GLITCH says:

    AHHHHH Thank you so much for watching WE HOPE YOU LIKED IT!! Its honestly all because of you guys that this season could happen 💙
    ⚠️If you’d like to support us and the show get the NEW Murder Drones merch:
    No pressure though!

  2. Absolute Noob pg3d says:

    There are probably tons of people who waited a year since the pilot and I myself waited eight months🎉 This is much appreciated.

  3. Tomotasauce says:

    The voice actors did a great job in this! Loved the new episode guys!

  4. Bobby Pilster says:

    Holy crap, this episode was more than I could imagine. I was expecting some scary stuff but J turning into some bio-organic bug monster shocking. Also loving how story focused the series seems to be heading towards, not just cool visuals and jokes, but these characters are getting some actual storylines and real backstory, which is just going to be another big reason as to why I would be keep coming back for more. Everyone involved in this series deserve massive praise for the work they put in.

    Also I just have to say, seeing more about how these colony drones behave; I’m a bit surprised they haven’t been wiped out already.

  5. Happy Tobus says:

    YA’LL TAKE ALL THE TIME YOU NEED! Holy heck, this episode was absolutely horrifying! I don’t care how many moths it takes for,a new episode if they’re as good as this! Outstanding job to Liam, Kevin, Luke, and the rest of the crew!

    • Person On The Internet says:

      im not apart of the glitch team hell i dont even have anything to do with smg4 glitch or anything about them but i know it gets better from here

  6. FakeTarbo says:

    They did a great decision by switching from mo-cap to animation by hand. Motion capture worked with Meta Runner, but I think that this series’ animation would be greatly limited if it used that technique, and they did an amazing job for being the first fully hand animated episode. Congratulations to everyone!!!

  7. Man of Truth says:

    Let’s hope this project succeeds. Liam has a lot of other projects that need to be fully realized.

  8. Merz9045 says:

    I got to say, there’s a lot to unpack in this episode. I thought I knew were the overall story was going but seeing what became ay J threw me for a loop. Especially the part were J/rouge program created a human like hand using while only using assimilated metal and oil. That part had me both confused and terrified.

  9. LudicrouslyLofi says:

    PERFECTLY. EXECUTED. STORYLINE, how tf did y’all even come up with something like this, fr keep this up and this finna be on par with meta runner, I do hate the fact that Uzi and N are disbanded (temporarily hopefully), but I can manage, overall, i loved what you did with ep 2, AND I WANT MORE OF IT

  10. HyperMoose says:

    Really great episode. Been waiting a long Tom for this. Plot was well written, but there were a few parts that were hard to follow. I also think that if certain sound effects were punchier or louder it might add more shock after the suspense. But all thing considered I think it was absolutely fantastic! Can’t wait for more!

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