MURDER DRONES – Episode 4: Cabin Fever

MURDER DRONES – Episode 4: Cabin Fever

We goin campin’ 🏕️ … Uzi you ok?

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37 Responses

  1. GLITCH says:

    All sources of funding go towards the production of Murder Drones episodes ❤️ 🙂

    HOLY HELL! What a beast of an episode to make. But what an absolute pleasure it is to see it all come together. We really hope you guys enjoyed it! We’re HALF WAY through the season now 💀 🔪

  2. END says:

    I’m still shocked at how well Glitch supports the audience by creating dubs for Russian and Spanish audiences and I’m sure there will be more in the future

  3. Majora's Pet says:

    I like how N is treating Uzi being possessed as if it’s normal

  4. Edwin Isahiam Gordón Caballero says:

    I love how we see Uzi gettimg more and more vulnerable. She lost her mother, is bullied, her dad don’t support her and now is becoming a murder drone out of will. I like the fact that finally is letting all out with N’s help.

  5. Dan_Ganing_Fan says:

    The lore and worldbuilding is so good and subtle. I can’t wait to see where it goes next. Uzi’s “vampire drone” form looked so freaking cool, and the scene where she and N joke over it while plummeting through the atmosphere is absolutely adorable. N being so supportive in general was really sweet.
    It also seems like V is really warming up to the worker drones, but she’s definitely still hiding something about her and N’s past. I love the scene where N stands up to her for once, and how V took the blame for all the deaths.

  6. Thegrimgobler says:

    I absolutely love the teacher as a character. The way he just legitimately doesn’t care about literally anything, inincluding multiple students dying, and deliberately sent his entire class to the middle of nowhere solely because he didn’t like their test results and wanted to get back at them is just golden. I actually had a substitute teacher kinda like this once who just kinda didn’t care. The legend just chilled behind his desk most of the time, ignoredall of the stupid crap we did to screw with him, drank like 20 mugs of coffee, started calling people dipsticks half way through the day, and just straight up let one guy run out of class after being caught trying to hide behind a closet. He literally tried to escape school and this man just allowed it. Prity sure he also left half way through a lesson to have a smoke break and came back about 30 minutes later and called the entire class a bunch of dumbarses.

  7. WesleyTRV // Wesley Vianen says:

    I always love how Murder Drones is always continuing to evolve further.

  8. Driver 6918 says:

    The fact that while Uzi is getting more murderous, N is just getting cuter and less violent

  9. Goodnight Demons says:

    I love how each episode gets a couple minutes longer. Hard to believe we’re halfway through, I wish the fun can last forever.

  10. littenkittenproject says:

    Can we just talk about how N threw Uzi so high that they had a whole conversation while falling at the speed to cause an explosion that possibly could compare to a grenade all of that without him even thinking of it

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