Murder Drones is a show about cute little robots that murder eachother for reasons 💀🤠

Created by @Liam Vickers Animation
Produced by Luke & Kevin Lerdwichagul

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31 Responses

  1. SilverFlight01 says:

    “Our parent company didn’t exactly love the concept of runaway AI.”

    Looks like the Terminator franchise left an everlasting impact on the human race.

  2. Pixelcraftian says:

    The description is giving me a lot of Madness Combat vibes, but the video tells a whole different story.

    Can’t wait for the show to begin 😀

  3. Willthehero says:

    Can’t wait to build a connection with a side character so they can get offed 3 episodes later

    • DanIzStillInQuarantine says:

      If it were to happen, they’d litteraly obliterate anything, this show us from any other person and they’ve partner with glitch to animate them, it’s not like glitch would put it in smg4

    • steponkus čeponas says:

      I see you’ve watched “Alice in borderland”

  4. Alice Amineva says:

    serial designation: “I really enjoyed our time together…i’m sorry…”
    mario: OH YOU ARE A TRAITOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *murder drones logo glitches*

  5. Northstar says:

    “Humans handled that by themselves”
    No we will die off before we even leave earth at this rate

  6. The Green Screen Boy says:

    broke: cute robots kill each other
    woke: realistic way of humans ‘accidentally’ ending their race.

  7. Ragelater says:

    Didn’t expected THAT, But AS Long AS it keeps the Charm and of Glitch and has some intresting Lore. I am down for it. 👍 ( But pls give US Meta Runner season 3 after that 🥺 i need to fule my adicktion)

  8. Acepilot8 gaming says:

    “The humans handles that just fine on their own” yeah sounds like the people of today.all in all is looks really cool and I’m happy that these animations have yet to fail to please me. Been a big fan of glitch since the start of meta runner and I can’t wait to be here to see all the projects they have planned. Will definitely keep an eye out for this one

  9. Mr. Sherwood says:

    Unirinonically looks straight up theatre-quality. Not damn bad for a web series, it’s amazing seeing how far this company has come.

  10. Ashraff Hashrin says:

    the Drones: really well detailed having cool high Neo designs as well as having real Humanoid Movement

    The Humans: *for some reason it feels like an SFM…*

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