Muse – Dead Inside [Official Music Video]

Muse – Dead Inside [Official Music Video]

Muse’s new album, Drones, will be released on 8 June 2015.

Pre-order the new album now on CD, CD+DVD, 12″ double gatefold 180g vinyl, digital download or the exclusive deluxe package with CD/DVD/tri-fold vinyl:

Directed by Robert Hales
Dancers: Will B. Wingfield & Kathryn McCormick
Choreographed by Tessandra Chavez

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18 Responses

  1. TheRodrick1987 says:

    OMG completely in love with this song and the video !! this is why i love
    music and Muse!!! btw is the dancer Will from SYTYCD?

  2. Chad Tay says:


  3. hadoukenblade bro says:

    левый берег одобряет

  4. popps779 says:

    Ich wünsche dir einen schönen Tag, Sam !!

  5. Ted “Teddy4D” Claxton says:

    Great song. Terrible music video.

  6. Zøz says:

    Ew . That’s awkward 

  7. Jesus Christ says:

    This girl kind of looks like Gaia Polloni though…

  8. Arpi Dell says:

    i love this SONG!

  9. Sphinx Based says:

    Krank….wo das noch hinführt…..????

  10. Eternum says:

    Old Muse fans love old songs and hate new
    New Muse fans love new songs and hate old
    Real Muse fans both

  11. ThereisNoSpoon says:

    Chris haircut though <3

  12. Peepall says:

    Maybe you’ll like our music, musers! We’re a rock band with similar
    flavour! Check it out! :)

  13. Orbelinda Dominguez says:

    Buenos días mi querido amigo que tengas un día lindo besos

  14. Bilbil Vojka says:

    Dead Inside

  15. lrevived l says:

    it’s surprisingly steeply!

  16. Preben Helgesen Einvik says:

    There is flour everywhere, now I`m bread inside.

  17. Stammahammer says:

    I prefer this to Psycho, his vocal is better.

  18. Alex Galan says:

    bakan el video lleva la fuerza que tiene la cancion, ya quiero que salga el