MUSE – Dig Down [Official Music Video]

MUSE – Dig Down [Official Music Video]

Watch the music video for the new song “Dig Down” now!

Director Lance Drake
Producer Jocelyn Webber
Executive Producer Danielle Hinde
DP Sing Howe Yam
Editor Jeremiah Mayhew
VFX ArsenalCreative

Band performance directed by Tom Kirk
Band performance VFX Rowan Glenn
Band performance DP Matt Hayslett
Future commercials by Banoffee Sky

Download or stream the new song now:

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20 Responses

  1. Gadolt says:


  2. Sam says:

    Was really hoping they were headed in the right direction after the rock influence of their last album… and then they steered hard left back to the lands of generic electronic dubwub boogaloo.

    Cool video though!

  3. Steve Rogers says:

    Very nice mate!

  4. MAB SADM says:

    Muse was creative for 2 albums. They never could bring that freshness and boldness back. I’m glad I saw them live in 2001. When their music mattered. They got better as musicians technically, but they lost their souls. They’re too rich. They don’t care anymore. They don’t try anymore. Their audience has changed over the years. That audience wants to hear the same crappy pop music over and over. Attending a Muse show in the early 2000’s was insane. It was magic. Now the audience looks like a bunch of robots looking at the performance through their phones, most of them don’t know the lyrics at all, and they’re like hypnotised by that electro binary beat at the core of every Muse song now..
    P.S. I know I pissed a lot of people with my comment but I mostly pissed those who jumped on the bandwagon quite late in their career. I was a Muse fan since 1999 when people who loved them were sophisticated and curious music lovers, not oversensitive fanboys and conformist douchebags who waited for them to play in stadiums and be trendy to think their music deserved to be listened.

  5. Deeeeemo says:

    don’t really care what style they are writing in. but to me this songwriting is just lazy 🙁

  6. mary kylo says:

    honestly this would be perfect for a live show

  7. Jack Hale says:

    Anyone else getting a Spit Out the Bone feel from this music video?

  8. Ron Swanson says:

    After a listening to the song a few times, it does get better each time; has a gospel feel to it. The chorus is good, especially the backing vocals, also “digging” the visuals – very 1984 feel with the screens. 7/10 ign

  9. Rinzler4DP says:

    Go listen to Fury, Citizen Erased, Apocalypse Please, Map of the Problematique and Exogenesis, then come back and tell me this is good… it isn’t

  10. Jeec Bod says:

    In my opinion something died in Muse, and it’s the lyrics. They are too basic since the 2nd Law. The way they write the song and concepts are basic, like 101 level.

  11. Daniel Phillips says:

    This has to be one of the cheesiest and worst Muse songs to date, to me it just sounds like a bad Queen rip-off.

  12. SexyProductions says:

    Legend says it the album drones was only going to be heavy songs, as they were half way through matt got a girlfriend. She told them that if they don’t make the other half pop she won’t have sex with him. After that muse were never the same..

    Pray for matt and give him the courage to get rid of her

  13. Solaktion says:

    I think New Kind of Kick is better than this song

  14. Phillip Bathory says:

    Why in the hell nobody is talking about the Aliens reference! I love the style so much

  15. Alex Chipka says:

    People complaining about Muse using synthesizers? Have they only heard Plug in Baby and Stockholm Syndrome? This is by no means an unfamiliar thing for them to do. Their experimentation is what truly makes Muse special in my opinion. I love this song!

  16. Atit Tiwawanwong says:

    It is an okay song to me, but muse is my only divine band, which has so much impact on my life; therefore, play whatever, i will be there to love and support until the end. Muser forever!!

  17. VEGA4554 says:

    Hmmm… It’s like Madness and Defector had a baby!!! ? I LOVE IT!!!? AND YOU DO TOO!!! ? #DigDown for the win!!!

  18. MrBengtson says:

    It sounds like something that crawled out of the anus of Madness.

  19. The F says:

    The worst muse song ever and yes i’ve listened to all of them.

  20. Abbie Louise says:

    I swear to God, if I see another ‘You’re not a real fan if you don’t like all of a band’s music!!!’ I’m going to kick a fucking puppy. Shut. The. Fuck. Up. Literally who the fuck made you gatekeeper of Muse? Fucking nobody. You don’t have to like every single song Muse brings out. You’re allowed to have an opinion. I’m sorry you people who think they can define what is and what isn’t a real fan can blindly follow a band without any critical thinking skills. Yeah, that isn’t being a fan, that’s being a Stan. A raging fanboy/girl/whatever who covers their ears and blocks out the world when another fan dares to give their critique, then thinks they have the power to strip said person of their ‘Fan’ title. Me personally, I love Muse. Have for years. But I do not like this song. It is a Madness Part Deux, another song I don’t really care for. That doesn’t stop me from like them and listening to their previous albums. If you like it, fantastic! I hope you enjoy the rest of the new album. But you need to realise that, no matter how badly you want it, Matt Bellamy isn’t going to get down on his knees in front of you and personally suck you off because you consider yourself a better fan than other people. The sooner you realise that, the sooner you’ll stop acting like a pretentious dickhead.

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