MUSE – The Dark Side [Official Music Video]

MUSE – The Dark Side [Official Music Video]

Watch the new music video for “The Dark Side” here.

The new album Simulation Theory will be released on 9 November 2018.

Pre-order Simulation Theory through the band’s Official Shop for early access to tickets for Muse’s 2019 tour:

Director: Lance Drake
Executive Producers: Jerad Anderson & Seb Webber
Producer: Jason Baum
Production Company: Whitelist.
Editor: Jeremiah Mayhew
Post-Production and Visual Effects: Frame 48
Executive Director: Tom Teller
Executive Producer: Julian Conner
Creative Producer: Seth Josephson

I have lived with darkness
For all my life, I’ve been pursued
You’d be afraid
If you could feel my pain
And if you could see the things, I am able to see

Break me out
Break me out
Let me flee
Break me out
Break me out
Set me free

I hail from the dark side
For all my life, I’ve been besieged
You’d be scared
Living with my despair
And if you could feel the things, I am able to feel

Break me out
Break me out
Let me flee

Break me out
Break me out
Set me free

Break me out
Break me out
Let me flee

Break me out
Break me out
Set me free

Save me from the Dark Side

Break me out
Break me out
Set me free

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55 Responses

  1. Shorox 93 says:

    Давайте следующим летом в Россию, не показывайте свою темную сторону)

  2. Citizen says:


    • oldmanfromyork says:

      +Major Mo Fair enough, i don’t get that vibe really, when i heard muse in 1999 with sunburn i could never dream they would evolve into cyberpop superstars. Part of me misses the older style, his voice is still great though, i knew back in 99 these guys were gonna make it!

    • LoveConnieAndTH Name says:

      Haha so it makes people think of different Muse songs/albums?
      So basically it makes you think of Muse
      which is good news I guess

    • Endlessly says:

      It kinda sounds like a Sing for absolution with OoS and 80s vibes… I don’t know, but I definitely love it lol

    • sez_YT says:

      hello Roblox exploiters

  3. The Woman With No Head says:

    Confused for the moment, but I’m sure I’ll like it after listening to it a few times more, like those other songs it alwa… BREAK ME OUUUUT, BREEEEAK ME OUUUUT, SET ME FREEEEE *tchiiiiing*

  4. Murat Eren says:

    i was ready for disappointment but i really love this song

  5. necroplastful says:

    Best song at the moment. The electronic adds quite a bit to this very Black Holes like song. Interesting. Lets face it, this is the new Muse now, full of experimenting, its always been tbh. And I do appreciate experimentation when done well. This track is done well.

  6. NUrMine says:

    Hell. Yes. This is exactly what I was hoping new Muse to sound like. I’m satisfied.

  7. Charlie C says:

    A step up from their other releases so far, this and Thought Contagion I like (Something Human is better as an acoustic version)

    • Pelle Koopman says:

      I was pretty curious and excited for Something Human once I saw Matt perform the acoustic version, but they butchered it by making a it a basic radio tune

    • Charlie McMillan says:

      Pelle Koopman the acoustic version will be on the album, while I’m not a fan of the synthesized one I think I’ll be a big fan of the acoustic one

    • Nadia Ebr says:

      Couldn’t agree more! The acoustic version was so much better

    • Jason Short says:

      This is the best of the singles off the album. It does make me worried for the album itself though that they have been far from their consistent selves.

  8. taker bond says:

    This is what i’ve been waiting for since the handler

  9. TommyTorj says:

    It’s like a mix of Space Dementia and Easily… I LOVE it!!

  10. Amandine says:

    I can hear some of other Muse’s songs inside, love it ❤️ For me it’s the better from the new album for the moment

  11. Emma Partlow says:

    Has a Shrinking Universe/Space Dementia feel to it, it’s really good.

  12. Wolfenking says:

    In my opinion Simulation Theory will be another top muse album, all the songs are so good and easily anyone will find an own favorite song, that salty people it’s because they are the typical rocker guy that don’t take a shower and they all whole life only heard Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, Aerosmith and if they look pop in one of they favorite bands will suicide and cut themselves for that. Be happy with Muse, they been changing their sound since Absolution. Just enjoy this Miami vice vibes that are so stylish.

    • andy hidayat says:

      Agree with u

    • The Silent One says:

      Dick Down was the worst one. Definitely not one of my favorites, the rest are good though. Thought contagion being my favorite

    • Néstor Toimil says:

      Calling any detractors “rocker guy that don’t take a shower” is pretty scumish tho. Like really, stop generalizing. Maybe some people just prefer rawer Muse. I still dig this tho.

    • Dennis Ivanov says:

      Wolfenking They’ve been hit or miss with the singles but hopefully enough tracks on the album are similar to this. Although muse can experiment, the fan base can still decide if they like that experimentation, and personally I’m not a fan of the very “pop” tracks.

  13. Indigo Eclipse says:

    I honestly wasn’t a big fan of the new tracks prior. But this song is fantastic. More of this please!

  14. DibudemoBio SH says:

    origin holes confirmed? xD. NICE MUSE GREAT COMEBACK!

  15. Jasmine Surreal says:

    Now that’s a pure Muse track, operatic, passionate, otherworld and instantly memorable. No other band sounds like them except maybe Queen a bit, and that’s why they are so good because they are original, and still release records like this that are very Muse but something new simultaneously. The video sees Matt looking very much like the singer in Hot Chip making a remake of Back to the Future😀

  16. Muse-ically Gifted says:

    1:26, holy crap that was a cool sound
    I changed my mind, I like the new album sound. It’s more electronicy, but it’s definitely still Muse

  17. Muse Subs says:

    If you liked the song, imagine how it’d sound LIVE!!!

    IF you didn’t like the song, imagine how it’d sound LIVE!!!

  18. primeribeye says:

    Music here is certainly much better than the previous couple of songs, but holy crap the lyrical quality nosedived big time since Resistance. Slight return to form is better than nothing though, looking forward to the album!

  19. Jay P42 says:

    Muse: It’s like “Easily” with a touch of the slow bit from “Starlight”. Vocally reminiscent of “Space Dementia” in places…

    Happiest I’ve been at a new muse song since Knights of Cydonia (I’ve liked things since, but this is just beautifully Muse)

  20. Hacharma213 says:

    This song is so… Showbiz! Oh boy, i love you, MUSE.

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