Muse – Thought Contagion [Official Music Video]

Muse – Thought Contagion [Official Music Video]

Watch the music video for the new song “Thought Contagion” now!

Download or stream the new song now:

Director – Lance Drake
Producer – Jeremy Hartman
Lead Girl – Sydney Schafer
Lead Guy – Rudy Pankow
Editor – Jeremiah Mayhew
Creative Design – Sam Oshin (Oshin Studios)
Production Design – Jill Bencsits
Makeup – Alex Perrone
Sylist – Sarah Kinsumba
Post – Shed LA
Choreography – Andrew Winghart

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71 Responses

  1. Jed Stein says:

    That bass line is great

  2. Darth Nihilus says:

    I don’t care what those “Muse fans” *ehem* haters *ehem* say.
    Muse don’t change, they just show what lies within them.
    The music genre may differ from album to album. But that happened like every album. Every album was different to the album before it.
    But do you guys know why their albums still are genius? Because Muse is.
    Muse is artistic and beautiful. It doesn’t matter how experimental they are at the moment:
    The music may change, but the art is still Muse. And only those who understand the beautiful art of Muse can call themself “Muse-fans”.
    The rest are just people who like a certain music genre and like those songs of Muse which fit into that.
    But people who care for the magic of art can’t hate work by Muse.
    And I am no fanboy if I genuinely love and enjoy the work.

    PS: Fuck haters lol

  3. depressed lil bean says:

    To all the people saying they have changed a lot and it’s not the same old MUSE anymore:
    It’s time to stop!! (*screams in meme*)
    Quess what? People are changing! Noo wayyy?!!
    Can’t you just appreciate the work they have put into this? The lyrics, vocals, music video? You’re acting as if it’s an absolute garbage because it just doesn’t fit your expectations. I don’t have any problems with you leaving this fandom but do you really need to spread the hate here?
    MUSE are hard working band and they don’t deserve this!
    It’s so sad to see all these ‘fans’ saying bad stuff about them when it was MUSE that helped so many people in hard times. It was *MUSE* that made you feel like you can do anything. I’m not asking you to love their new songs, i’m asking you to be open minded and thankful.

  4. adanilo379 says:

    Remember when we thought Dead Inside approach was superficial and lame? Yeah… now look at this…

  5. L.Garza says:

    Soy gran fan de MUSE !!!! Están muy lejos de sus inicios y música magistral.

    • David Chanona says:

      L.Garza si pero eso no quita que sea buena cancion, un poco pop pero ya habia sacado canciones tipo pop desde hace tiempo

    • Jose Bellamy says:

      Me parece que Muse esta innovando en un nuevo genero musical, la verdad me encanto esta cancion y eso que soy fan antiguo que empezo con el origin of symmetry, el bajo de esta cancion es tan muse, me recuerda mucho a la linea de bajo de hiper music tan pegajoso tan Musr

    • anthony jhon says:

      Me parece una gran canción, de igual manera siempre se quedaran sus canciones clásicas ..

  6. Andy Woll says:

    Mientras todos atacan a Muse por esta canción yo la disfruto :”) Muse siempre sera mi banda favorita ❤

  7. Kckoolio says:

    With the amount of comments saying Muse is turning into a pop band, I really have to wonder if people know what pop music sounds like…

  8. Zereshi says:

    MUSE evolution!!!! I really like this 💖

  9. Yann V. says:

    It’s not a bad song.

  10. Rahadimas Samiaji says:

    The color theme are same with Dig Down, could it be a concept album? Also, the vibes of this song sounds familiar to me.. What melody is that , huh…? 🤔

  11. Maggie Acosta says:

    I love Muse!!!😍😍

  12. tifani says:

    You need to get this right. MUSE is an EXPERIMENTAL type of band, so they make music based on experimental genres and sounds. If you don’t like this new vibe from Muse you can just open you music library and listen to their old albums as easy as that.

    • Sheeep says:

      Shaban Satan Muse isn’t prog.

    • Meine Namen says:

      tifani Linkin Park always had to deal with the same shit. “This is not the real band xy” and on their old stuff “before band xy sold out” etc

    • Mailo Y PORKY says:

      Bioscrub ur dumb then. That only happened with T2L, in which they used dubstep as it was popular by the time. The resistance is also an experimental album, as it included symphonic orchestra vibes combined with progressive rock on almost all of the tracks, and I don’t remember symphonic music being popular by 2010. Black holes and revelations used so many different styles from hard rock with metal vibes to space electronic rock, how can those genres even be considered popular in the 2000`s? Ur argument is dumb and nonsense

    • euro case says:

      Listen Echoes Pink Floyd the bass line is the sane xd

    • Lucas Antunes says:

      tifani We want muse to make great music again.

  13. Agusta1 says:

    I don’t get muse fans and how they hate on the sound direction they go with every new album.

    Showbiz: “discount Radiohead”
    Origins: Grunge elements with a mix of opera
    Absolution: alternate Punk rock
    Black holes: western opera with electronic elements. More relaxed than absolution
    Resistance: alternative with less emphasis on the opera
    2nd law: experimenting with mixing of synth with opera
    Drones: telling of a story from start to finish metal opera
    8th album: strong emphasis on 80’s new wave mixed with their signature absurdity.

    There is a reason why they seldom play anything from Showbiz at their shows now

  14. Tatiana Mariel says:

    Woohh ohhh ohh oh oh oh oh ohhhhhhhhhhhhh THOUGHT CONTAAAGIOOOON 🎶✊✌

  15. RetroGamerMan64 says:

    Muse fans forget the very reason they fell in love with Muse, they sounded different. Whether is be Matt going ham with vocal arrangements, their crazy riffs or odd chord progressions, Muse has always been the definition of innovative with music, something we sincerely still need in the modern era of music. You may not like this song, but saying stuff like “I miss old Muse.” is just silly and entitled. Let them do what they love and what’s fun to them.

  16. ᴍᴀɴᴜᴇʟɪᴛᴏ sᴜáʀᴇᴢ says:

    A rather strange mix between Muse and Imagine Dragons..

  17. Eghaig YTB says:

    Better than dig down …

    Better than Thriller
    Better than Muse

  18. Mauri says:

    Algún latino por aqui o estan escuchando regueeton? Jaja

  19. pringelsthegamefreak says:

    Jesus Christ, Muse fans are toxic as hell. At least appreciate the fact that they are still a band and still making new music for you. I hate this smug attitude people have over change. Bands shouldn’t stay the same style for years and years, it would get boring and stale.

    • Rare Zahratunisa says:

      I stop listening to green day new album… Because the sound is same…

    • lourdes bueno says:


    • pantazis76 says:

      Really, did bands like metallica and Guns N Roses get boring over the years, their styles remained pretty similar from album to album. The haters have a fair point, their style today is completely different to the style they fell in love with. So why would they appreciate this new style when its not the style for them? Muse will always have a special place in my heart but i have stopped following them for a while now because they surely did become a sell out and they were teasing us with the possibility of this for years.. If you like the new style then good on you, but for all the OG Muse fans that don’t, its fair reasoned.

    • Official Immigrant Bregade says:

      pringelsthegamefreak It seems most people like it tho i have to say i wasnt to sure at first but I really like it

    • Lust for Awesomeness says:

      pringelsthegamefreak Damn right

  20. David Rangel says:

    Badass bass, crazy Synths, heavy Drums, and nice vocals, and some conspiranoic lyrics. Isn’t it Muse?

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