Music in Your DNA and A New Species of Human?

Music in Your DNA and A New Species of Human?

Is musical ability genetic? And were there more species of ancient humans than we once thought? SciShow News investigates!

Hosted by: Hank Green
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20 Responses

  1. Miranda Sherrell says:

    There are only three people in my entire family who are very good at music
    and pitch. The rest vary from being okay and almost having amusia. I don’t
    know if this is statistically likely, but it happened!

  2. Kevin Glory says:

    Neanderthal DNA in All Non-Africans.

  3. jah0oliah says:

    That was a Bb foo. Don’t think that I give a crap about enharmonics either.

  4. ImaginarilyInc I says:

    There are several species’ of human now. Ps propagation can be selective,
    thus qualifying .

  5. Rodrigo Moline says:

    why do we sneeze and when we have to why does it go away?

  6. Joshua Stephens says:

    I think that I might have (or be) AP

  7. TheShepard256 says:

    I find it surprising that something as abstract and artificial as music has
    a genetic component. Don’t get me wrong, I like music (pretty much entirely
    video game soundtracks), but from what I know, I don’t think music occurs
    in nature.

  8. AlfredGanQuan says:

    Just a minor nit-pick: the name “Penghu” should be pronounced as “Peng’hu”
    instead of “Pen’ghu”. Peng’hu (澎湖) is an island near Taiwan, where the
    fossil was found.

  9. RMoribayashi says:

    If you have a good sized digital music collection you can play this game
    that tests your pitch memory. Move to a new song with your player on
    shuffle but don’t play it. Look at the title and imagine the tune in your
    mind, maybe even hum the first note as you start the song. Listen to the
    beginning of the song and see how close you were.

  10. Caleb Hughes says:

    About all my musical talent is whistling really well. I wonder if my kids
    (assuming i have some someday) will be able to as well… that’d be awesome

  11. Michael Jiang says:

    Btw, the name Penghu is phonetically broken into “peng-hu”, so the second
    syllable begins with the H sound and not the G sound. While Penghu is a
    proper place name, the name also comprises 2 words “peng” and “hu” that
    mean “splash” and “pond”, respectively.

    With translation/transcription/pronunciation being as tricky as it is,
    ultimately it doesn’t really matter if you call something “river song” or
    “melody pond” (note: not saying pen-ghu translates to river-song; this is
    just a Doctor Goo reference) as long as everyone knows they’re referring to
    the same thing. But knowing it’s supposed to be Hu and not Goo gets
    everyone just that much closer to understanding what each other’s saying.

  12. Eric Jiang says:

    Perfect (or absolute, as he says) pitch is not rare at all in musicians. It
    can be easily developed if you start early. Almost everyone in my orchestra
    has perfect pitch (I do too). Compared to the general public of course it’s
    rare, and non-musicians can’t demonstrate their potential perfect pitch
    because they don’t know what the notes are called. Perfect pitch may be
    hereditary, but I have not seen anyone who could not learn it after some (a
    lot) of practice. I even “taught” my friend perfect pitch, but that may be
    biased since he was quite young at that time, being only in fifth grade and

  13. rain bow says:

    Hank seemed a lot jollier in this episode….wonder why…

  14. Benja Freeman says:

    Why was music created?

  15. Lenda Thompson says:

    I don’t even understand what it means to be “out of key.” 

  16. Hannah Grippo says:

    Is there any scientific research on the possibility that other human
    species had verbal language? 

  17. squigoo says:

    it’s peng-hu….. :d

  18. warfl4g says:

    YEAR OLD? loljk

  19. Zeldas Champion says:

    You also have to know thats A sharp beforehand.

  20. scott marks says:

    Watching this while taking poop.