Musical Genre Challenge with Jamie Foxx

Musical Genre Challenge with Jamie Foxx

Jimmy and Jamie sing popular songs in different musical styles, like “Who Let the Dogs Out” as a Broadway musical and “Bitch Better Have My Money” as an opera.

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Musical Genre Challenge with Jamie Foxx

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20 Responses

  1. AJShockzz says:

    Here before this goes viral

  2. Abdi G says:

    Jamie Foxx is so talented and yet so underrated

  3. Tristan Gerlach says:

    Jamie is such a show off…but he’s AMAZING.

  4. J B says:

    Jamie Foxx is the MJ of this game👌💯

  5. Sarah-Louise Mezouari says:


  6. Tina Nguyen says:

    “i let the damn dogs out”

  7. AnimeLeirus says:

    Jamie Foxx is entertaiment. A true artist.

  8. MrPoppins16 says:

    Bad and Boujee was pretty dope

  9. Proud Oregon Cat Mom says:

    I loved Jimmy’s reindition of “I Can’t Feel My Face.” and his “Bad and Boujee” as Mick Jagger. And, Jamie Fox was absolutely amazing.

  10. Luke Naoumovitch says:

    5:33 nobody got his Phantom of the Opera joke??

  11. Colin Rush says:

    Every song Jamie foxx just did was actually amazing. Man can sing, rap, and do opera. My gawd

  12. Amir Flappy-port says:

    We demand a full version of that bad and Boujee cover !

  13. Connor B says:

    God Jamie Foxx is so fucking talented. he should do a new special

  14. Can Erdem says:

    Jamie is most definitely the most talented man on this planet! Sing Act Comedy

  15. King_Bookah says:

    At the end…..BIATCH! Lmao!

  16. Nish Thomas says:

    What I got from this video….
    1. There isn’t anything Jamie Foxx can’t do.
    2. He needs to be on broadway ASAP.

  17. JG. 1998 says:

    Im sorry, but this is so scripted :/ (because 6:08 )

  18. Charis Armstrong says:

    I want b*tch better have my money as an opera now 😂😂

  19. Dhruv Mehru says:

    Django should’ve been unchained long before 😅
    Highly talented.

  20. Leonardo DiCaprio says:

    The most talented person in Hollywood

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