Musical Morning Announcements with Gabrielle Union

Musical Morning Announcements with Gabrielle Union

Jimmy and Gabrielle play two high school principals who parody Rihanna, The Weeknd and Walk the Moon to spice up their morning announcements.

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Musical Morning Announcements with Gabrielle Union

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20 Responses

  1. myra streeter says:

    I love this skit..they should make a movie about two rivals
    jimmy fallon with Gabrielle union and the second: will Ferrell with katie

  2. dilemma may says:

    Not gonna lie, I wouldn’t have thought of Union for this skit.. But this
    was fucking great ?

  3. Sabrina Flowers says:

    this reminds me how corny high school announcements were

  4. hind al-fadil says:

    he kinda looks like Charlie sheen in this sketch

  5. Ryan Odom says:


  6. stampyfan 12 says:

    they ruined mondern music for me and my advisory

  7. Jeannie Franco says:

    jimmy looks like Mike myers lol?

  8. Faith Welton says:

    She’s so pretty ??

  9. Claire Clayton says:

    He looks like Ned Flanders a little bit

  10. Strawberry_Blonde22 says:

    When Mitch better have my money I died ??hahah

  11. Asad Shahid says:

    in this skit jimmy reminds me of Mike Myers lol

  12. EliVidaTV says:

    she was actually funny. who knew. lol

  13. William Tamura says:

    he does not know how to use a radio with a casset

  14. Francisco Quintero says:

    Jimmy, you totally look like Ned Flanders! ?

  15. Minoumimi says:

    he should really do these sketch at an actual school once in a while

  16. GreyFace says:

    i really didn’t want this one to end!!

  17. Munta Hassan says:

    the name of the first song ?

  18. Amy Clifton says:

    She sounds like Jackson’s southern friend in Hannah Montana

  19. Andy Sun says:


  20. ‫الموسوي مهند‬‎ says: