Musical Tribute to Loretta Lynn Live at ‘The 56th Annual CMA Awards’ – The CMA Awards

Musical Tribute to Loretta Lynn Live at ‘The 56th Annual CMA Awards’ – The CMA Awards

Country music superstars Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert and Reba McEntire pay tribute to the legendary Loretta Lynn with a medley of her songs live at ‘The 56th Annual CMA Awards’ WED NOV 9 on ABC and Streaming Next Day on Hulu.

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27 Responses

  1. The Official Andy Saenz says:

    Wow, it’s amazing how Loretta smiled in all those photos they displayed above the stage! She had such a radiant joy about her. Rest in Heaven, Loretta Lynn.

  2. Gerard Conti says:

    lottea lynn would be so happy that reba carrie and Miranda is playing her songs as a tribute to her at the 56th annual CMA Awards

    • Breanna Smith says:

      I believe so. Bless her heart. She was such a genuinely good person. Miss. Loretta will never how missed she’ll be, by not only her family ,but by all the people she touched with her beautiful music.

    • Barbara Peters says:

      Absolutely 👍

  3. Rhonda C says:

    I love this. Loved seeing Loretta’s daughter & Granddaughter in the audience as well. Lovely family and Loretta deserves to be remembered after all she is the Queen of Country Music.

    • Carolyn Woolverton says:

      Don’t leave Dolly out!!

    • Princess Doodles says:

      @Liv Aktig I loved how Loretta daughter Patsy was singing the song coal miners daughter I’m sure it’s hard on all Loretta’s children they we’re always with her on tour and stuff and it was sweet when Patsy kissed her daughter Emmy hand ❤ RIP Miss Loretta Lynn

    • Liv Aktig says:

      I got choked up when the camera cut to her family ❤️😭❤️

  4. Jason Coleman says:

    If you’re looking at Reba, then you’re looking at country.

  5. Helen Beaty says:

    That was great, you three. Her daughter and granddaughter in the audience were loving it !!!

  6. Joanna Aguilar says:

    I can’t stop listening to the trio duet memoriam tribute from Reba, Carrie and Miranda cause Loretta Lynn is very much important to their lifes

  7. Dale Robbins says:

    Amazing tribute to Loretta Lynn by Reba, Carrie and Miranda at the ACM AWARDS tonight. All three looked and sounded great in this “ TRIBUTE TO A COUNTRY MUSIC LEGEND” RIP THE QUEEN OF COUNTRY MUSIC 🙏🙏

    • Grace Puckett says:

      My grandad loved Loretta and Reba we used to listen to this station called willies roadhouse it has Loretta Lynn and Reba on there

  8. gilly8585 says:

    To never be duplicated, Loretta Lynn was/is a one of a kind. 🥺🥺

  9. Terri Hollowell says:

    Reba stole the spotlight on this tribute. Loretta is smiling just listening to her sing. What an awesome job she did remembering one of the greatest!

  10. Alex D says:

    Amazing tribute to a true trailblazer!

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