MUST SEE: MJF Leaves the Inner Circle and Starts His Own Faction in AEW AEW Dynamite

MUST SEE: MJF Leaves the Inner Circle and Starts His Own Faction in AEW AEW Dynamite

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72 Responses

  1. Castaway Productions says:

    I’m just saying and I know it’s unlikely… Blood and Guts?

  2. Wolf Gang says:

    Jericho needs to stop getting best friends lol. All of them eventually turns on him

  3. Prabal Sinha says:

    Two guys never play second to anyone, one is Jay White and other being MJF.

  4. StormHaven720 says:

    I love how JR is practically pushing for Wardlow to become the top star out of this new faction

  5. Y. E. A. Yawson says:

    What a shocking turn of events on Dynamite. MJF and Wardlow leaving the Inner Circle, joining FTR and Shawn Spears. Can’t wait to see what’s next for them.

  6. Itachi-kun says:

    Imagine if Tully Blanchard was the million dollar man in MJF’s team

  7. Storm Mystic says:

    I gotta wonder how often people in the ring with MJF think to themselves. “Damn, this kid is good.”

  8. Nilay Kumar says:

    That crawling towards the bat scene was just like a movie. MJF is the best heel in wrestling rn

    • dan shotguns says:

      @Nilay Kumar he set it up nicely..learned well from sure they planned it all to perfection together in the back

    • dan shotguns says:

      @Kepler-452b real wrestling doesn’t have

    • Kepler-452b says:

      @dan shotguns real wrestling as in good wrestling unlike AEW, I didn’t mean LITERALLY REAL wrestling.

    • The Truther says:

      All Jericho has to do is call Orton

    • Chase Vaughn says:

      @Kepler-452b I think that booking him as a heel who will make enemies and alliances when nessecary to get to the top is good booking, but you can think what you want to think and I can too.

  9. Caleb Welch says:

    That power bomb at the end was so reminiscent of when Kevin Nash power bombed Eric Bischoff back in ‘96

  10. Believe Suele says:

    MJF turning on The Inner Circle would solidify his heel status creating his own faction. I’m glad they’ve finally something to do with Shawn Spears.

  11. Key Prince says:

    If he’d ever put a Low Blow on HBK, no one would betray him Jericho choose his path since 2002

  12. Gordon says:

    MJF stepping on Jericho’s hand was a nice touch.

  13. brickfighter 14 says:

    MJF has now earned the title of a modern day “Benedict Arnold”

  14. Mr. M A J E S T I C XIII . Blackstruggle77 says:

    Ladies & Gentelman: Introducing “The Five Horsemen”. Well Six if Ethan Page joins.

  15. Jacoby Jupiter says:

    Everyone’s talking about MJF and his new faction, but no one’s talking about how the Inner Circle just went Face.

  16. Godot says:

    MJF just did a Judas on Chris Jericho

  17. Daryl Talks Games says:

    MJF – “Someone call an ambulance! But not for me.”

  18. Vince Haass says:

    No one:

    Tony Schiavone: He’s a TURD

  19. Jake M says:

    Jericho sold great tonght. Jericho is hurt so badly that he’s gonna end up on a Fozzy tour.

  20. YouTube Can eat it says:

    Take out Jericho’s biggest gun off the rip. Smash Haggar with a bottle soo smart.

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