MUST TRY Singapore CHEAP EATS! Hawker Street Food Tour of Singapore

MUST TRY Singapore CHEAP EATS! Hawker Street Food Tour of Singapore

On this food adventure, I went on a cheap eats in Singapore to see what best items you can get at the Hawker Center street foods. And there are many different types of dishes from different cultures like curry, noodles, rice, pork, chicken, etc.
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✧ First Street Teochew Fish Soup
✧ Beach Road Scissor Cut Curry Rice
✧ Roast Paradise (Old Airport Food Center)
✧ Ah Tai Chicken Rice
✧ Ah Chew Desserts
✧ Soon Li Yong Tau Foo

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72 Responses

  1. Aurora Meiesna says:

    Proud Singaporean here! Anyone else? 🙂

  2. Aniano Pime says:

    My Asian mom will finnaly let me go some where! Thx Mike!

  3. Rain Juice says:

    hold on, gotta make some noodles before I watch

  4. ELLEsk ASMR says:

    Watching this video with empty stomach is not a good idea.. ??

  5. Elijah Almeria says:

    Mikey Chen the type of guy who takes the holy bread and say “You know what this need? Some hot oil.”

  6. Anime boy421 says:

    luv when u make vids in my country Singapore

  7. David Chen says:

    reason 5284 why I love this country?

  8. konadora k says:

    fun fact by the way!

    ah tai’s owner used to be the chef for tian tian! he intentionally set up his store beside tian tian to make a stand after he was fired by tian tian haha very famous feud

    • konadora k says:

      Kamal Mahmud personally i still preferred tian tian (i used to work nearby so had both quite often) as i felt the chicken was just cooked better and was juicier. ah tai’s chicken consistency isnt really there, on some days its as good as tian tian’s, on some days its just dry and has that powdery texture when you bite into it..

    • Ernest Kwok says:

      +konadora k kinda agree with what u said but u forgotten to mention tian tian’s queue!

    • Kris K says:

      I love stories like this! Can only get them from locals thanks for sharing!

    • Synergy X says:

      Tried both before. Tian tian is better. I wouldn’t say that Ah Tai is better, at most on par on some days.

  9. Ireshani says:

    “body of this broth is so good it could be on every single front cover of fitness magazines in the world”
    Mike Chen – May 2019 ?

  10. The lonely soul says:

    Ppl say watching Mike’s videos on empty stomach is a bad idea
    But I say watching his video after having food is still a bad idea
    I’m hungry again ???

    • RuRuCindy says:

      ?????????? i totally feel u!!!!!

    • Bobbius Shadow says:

      Indeed, very true…. just adding: Watching Mikey’s vids is a good thing, if you don’t have appetite.

    • Jayknee Garner says:

      Try watching this video after spending the morning at the ER with severe abdominal pain! Woke me up from my Benadryl induced sleep at 3 AM by 6 AM I gave up and went to the ER for IV pain meds and rehydration. It’s now almost 7 pm and it’s starting again.

      I really want the chicken and rice from the second place and the mango thingy! Me love mango, starts drooling!

  11. vin cent says:

    My fav scissor curry rice! You should order their “ngoh hiang” me and mum love it.

    For roasting meal let me intro you “fatty cheong roasted” at ABC market

    And for chicken rice you can try yishun block 925 “yishun 925 chicken” den same time walk over to block 928 for the best laksa “928 laksa” after finish the hot spicy laksa go next corner for ice desserts.

  12. yy yu says:

    You’ve definitely explored more food in Singapore than me as a Singaporean LOL

  13. Steward Ang says:

    Hey Mike! Nice video. Not to nitpick, but when you were eating the fish soup, what you described as “fish cake” might actually have been fish maw instead…

  14. mochiitae says:

    hi mike! you should come over to Singapore’s east side, bedok hawker centre to try the food! 🙂 & blk 412 bedok north chicken rice store is amazinggg too!

  15. seogeneration says:

    You should try the roasted chicken rice at the basement of Golden Mile Food Centre, it’s da bomb.

    P.S. There’s a lot of good food at Golden Mile!

  16. Uriel says:

    With all the Youtube drama going on, I’m glad to see Mikey’s content never changes and is still amazing. Thank you for bringing smiles (and hunger) to us all. :))

  17. Avery The Cuban-American says:

    Singapore is so unique, an island city state with good cuisine with Chinese and Malay influence

  18. Koh Tiak Howe says:

    You missed out on a few stalls at maxwell food centre like tong xin ju. They make amazing dumplings handmade and to order

  19. Kuzon says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms watching, thank you for all that you do!

  20. Strictly Dumpling says:

    To my AMAZING mother and ALL the moms in the world, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!

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