My 10 Anticipated Movies of 2019

My 10 Anticipated Movies of 2019

The first video of the year, so let’s talk about my TOP 10 ANTICIPATED MOVIES OF 2019!


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  1. Ace Coordinator Mary says:

    I feel like 2019 is gonna be an emotional year for film AND tv, AND gaming. Why?
    Endgame, Toy Story 4, How to Train Your Dragon 3, Game of Thrones final season, and Kingdom Hearts 3.
    Get tissues in bulk everyone.

  2. Lyle Russon says:

    1. Glass
    2. Avengers Endgame
    3. Us
    4. John Wick
    4. Godzilla
    5. Once upon a hollywood
    6. Serenity

  3. Travis Herndon says:

    I’m looking forward to Godzilla: King of the Monsters

  4. Ivan Ristic says:

    What about “Us” from Peele? Seems like it’s another great horror film.

  5. Savannah Pfierman says:

    I’m really hoping Captain Marvel doesn’t get all the spotlight in Endgame. I’m all for a new all powerful female superhero at that, but the original Avengers and some other characters should be getting most of the storyline considering they were the ones who fought and lost everything to Thanos, it would ruin it if she came in and was like, “hey guys I know this dude killed half of the planet and took away most of your loved ones and caused you tremendous distress and PTSD but I’m going to throw all your hard work and anxiety down the drain and take care of him for you!” (Not saying a Captain Marvel vs Thanos battle wouldn’t be insane but she doesn’t deserve the place to kill him ??‍♀️)

    • J Vue says:

      You’re projecting your own insecurities.

    • SweetTacular says:

      GavinLPMBand Some people just can’t help themselves. They have to gratuitously shit on the movie and character every chance they get. It’s almost pathological for some, and has progressed to the point where they make up completely hypothetical scenarios for Endgame in their heads, and then get pissed off about it.

    • Eian Blosch says:

      Plus, she’s getting her own movie this year. It’s like for black panther last year. Why didn’t black panther get enough screen in infinity war? Well, because he was the star in black panther literally in the same year

    • J Vue says:

      +Bryan D. Reception before her movie comes out? Ok.

    • Jordan Williams says:

      Thor has the most right to kill Thanos, he’s had the most taken from him. Next in line would probably be Iron Man, for the loss of Peter Parker. I can’t see being satisfied if anyone else did it other than one of them

  6. Stefan Ostojic says:

    Where is Godzilla 2??

  7. boxertest says:


  8. ADjustinG2013 says:


  9. Darian M says:

    Episode IX
    Rey: Man that was a wierd dream
    Luke: now that you’re awake ive been dying to get off of this island lets go

    • CT7567 says:

      U fixed it

    • buddy6584 says:

      +Sothis JJ didn’t write that he was depressed. In Episode seven it was stated that Luke was on a secret jedi related mission and he left a map out just incase if his assistance was needed. Rian made it that he was depressed.

    • Sothis says:

      @Bruno Lucas Read an interview or two before you mouth off. JJ was leaving notes on Johnson’s script with each new draft, they were consulting details of the script while on a plane to the TFA premiere in LA. JJ is also credited as the EP.

    • Sothis says:

      @buddy6584 “Episode seven it was stated that Luke was on a secret jedi related mission” No such thing is ever said or implied. Your bias is coloring your impression of the movie. JJ wrote a Luke who “blamed himself (for what happened to Ben Solo and his students) and walked away from everything in shame.” Not a man who embarked on a new, exciting adventure. This is what’s being said by Han Solo, that’s the only information we get. He didn’t leave the map behind intentionally and if he really wanted to be found he could have just contacted Leia through the Force at any time, which he didn’t intend on doing.

    • Michael Lattin says:

      +Cameron Mitchell If JJ intended for Luke and Rey to go on an adventure, why would he have said he like The Last Jedi’s script so much he wishes he could have directed the movie using the script?

  10. master10999 says:

    Godzilla: King of the Monsters

  11. Jay & Rengin says:

    There are SO MANY movies I’m looking forward to this year… Which means I’m terrified to be disappointed if they end up being trash?

  12. DistinctGaming says:

    Men in black international???? Godzilla?????

  13. Chase Beyond The Lists says:

    I feel like 2019 will be a way better year for film than 2018. Hopefully?

  14. ScruffyNerHedeR 926 says:


  15. PycosDyll says:

    I’m just honestly hyped for Godzilla King of the Monsters.

  16. Aram Isaac says:

    I do hate Rian Johnson for episode 8, even though I liked parts of it and admired the balls the movie had with some choices. But I still respect him as a director, because don’t forget he brought us Looper and some of the greatest episodes in season 5 of Breaking Bad

    • Charlie Aguilar says:

      Don’t forget his masterpiece(imo),Brick. Highly looking forward to his new film,Knives Out. He’s going back to his noir roots with that one.?

  17. Joey Shofner says:

    MUCH rather see Godzilla: King of monsters, than another over hyped Star Wars movie,

  18. Jake MGS2 says:

    I would add Dragon Ball Super Broly, and Godzilla King of the Monsters

  19. Z Serbs says:

    That Star Wars 9 analogy just ???
    P.S Rey going bad and Kylo being redeemed as good would be such a cool finale twist tht Inwould maybe buy a ticket for it but they won’t do it

    • TheSeamus82 says:

      Agree with rey going bad,but kylo fuck that guy, dosent deserve a redemption arc after killing one of the greatest star wars characters of all time in han solo, besides it has been done before with vader

  20. jbroti 004 says:

    List is flawed. No Godzilla King of Monsters!

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