My Best Friend Got The Coronavirus

My Best Friend Got The Coronavirus

to make a donation and a resource for those in need of food assistance;
100% of merch proceeds donated to Feeding America

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52 Responses

  1. Jen Emerson says:

    I work for one of the food banks in the Feeding America network, and this plug is HUGE. We are already seeing increased demand due to kids not being in school and parents unable to work. Monetary donations allows us to purchase mass quantities at wholesale. Thanks for the getting the word out!

    • Kim Adams says:

      @Vibricks sarcasm is not cute when u do it. Just makes u more of a jerk.

    • Vibricks says:

      @Kim Adams nope, you’re just misinterpreting the situation and I didn’t want to start an argument xd. My initial comment was a little harmless joke I decided to make because I was confused as to why the comment was pinned. Turns out I should’ve watched the entire video before posting that. Also the poster of the comment didn’t have a username and a profile picture at the time I made the comment. Hence the other 2 remarks

    • Kim Adams says:

      @Vibricks I apologize for my response.

    • ueowsdows says:

      @misternormL lol you are an idiot…

    • Vibricks says:

      @Kim Adams np!

  2. TurboHot says:

    I hope we all be fine. Together. Just wait for it.

  3. #MnT says:

    Here in Italy, we are facing a tragedy. Everything is gonna be ok if we act in a social responsible way. Stay home and stay safe.

  4. TheKrazy injun says:

    Casey says ” No planes”. 8:29 I got tricked by a bird.

  5. BrotherFox says:

    Never felt such a unity between strangers and myself. We’re all fighting a battle.

    • ThatGuy says:

      Fox I just talked to my wife about this exact comment. Even with all this bad maybe the end it will bring more together because right before this everything, everyone was so separated.


    • Paul G says:

      *Brotherfox” Unfortunately I’m not feeling the same vibe. Here in the UK people are a being so selfish, there are a lot of people panic buying food so the supermarkets are empty. This is affecting the vulnerable, the poor and medical staff who can’t get to do there shopping. Some are going out with an attitude that the virus is nonsense so not taking precautions thus potentially spreading it, my wife had to tell a man only yesterday to at least cover his mouth while coughing. Then there’s the sudo experts spreading rumour, conspiracy and lies on social media. I’m hoping this will change eventually and we too will pull together…us British were once famous for it. Be well.

  6. J Stein says:

    Remember everyone you never know who’s a carrier. Be safe !

  7. Leila M.G. says:

    I live in NJ and we’re basically fully shut down at this point. All nonessential businesses officially have to close, the schools are closed, my town at least has a curfew, people are basically only supposed to be outside if they have to walk their dog. It’s so strange, everyone please stay safe and please try to do what you can to stay inside. Today, outside of my house before everything was announced that it had to shut down, some elementary school children wrote in chalk on the road “it’s going to be ♡k! 🙂 Stay well!” I think now is a time more than ever that the world is united, this is where real humanity shows. This is the beauty of one planet, standing, united.

    • Eric Guerrero says:

      Is a stay at home order.

    • Krombopulos Michael says:

      Wow very well said.

    • TheBagelragel says:

      guesswhat74 That’s still allowed.

    • Geoffrey Scognamiglio says:

      hello from Central Jersey, stay safe

    • mebeshell says:

      @guesswhat74 Can still go for groceries, during certain hours, even booze. Cops controlling the flow of people at some places. It’s not as locked down as it sounds. Can still go to doc appointments, the vet, pharmacies. I can even go ahead with buying the house we were in the middle of buying when stuff hit. But no public gatherings. Cops are breaking up any weddings etc that they find. Playgrounds are roped off. No restaurants unless you get takeout. Mechanics are still open, warehouses, transport etc are open.

  8. Quick Tech Reviews says:

    2:09 Casey is Qanon – Illuminati confirmed

  9. Graeme Maciver says:

    “You’re positive”
    “Positive for what?”
    “Positive for that ONE THING we tested you for” 🤦‍♂️

  10. griM says:

    I’ve been gone so long I didn’t know casey had a 2nd kid…

  11. Justin Allen's Good Advice Channel says:

    We all need to stay positive minded, and in time this world wide problem will eventually be in the past.

  12. 90'spoets says:

    W A S H H A N D S P E O P L E.

  13. blue dream says:

    nooooo not dannnnnnn
    we all love him to death
    hope he has a swift and safe recovery

  14. bynahelemaal says:

    In my country the icu’s are full with young people needing assistance breathing… healthy young people! The high pressure, in some cases, needed can lead to permanent lung damage!

  15. Luis Mendoza says:

    My heart goes out to Dan, can’t think of how he must be filling about coming in contact with his family and then finding out he had the virus.

  16. Carly Vazis says:

    This is so crazy. We are living in “history”…our children and grandchildren will be taught about this in school…

    • Wout Motmans says:

      @Sagar M are you implying that COVID-19 is a result of human devastation? Because if that’s the case: it’s not!

    • Akiva Weil says:

      @TylerNah, if it was worse they would have just contained it through stronger shutdowns. Also, if the Chinese wouldn’t allow their citizens to eat literal rotting bats we would all be chilling.


      Enough with the fear-mongering already. Yes it’s a bad virus but don’t let your stupid show.

    • Tyler says:

      @Akiva Weil if it were worse and we had stronger shut downs, society would freak out even more.

    • David Watson says:

      This isnt the most dangerous situation. Polio, smallpox ect ect. Not that big of a deal.

  17. Vlog Epicness says:

    My grandfather was asked to go to war. I am being asked to stay home and watch YouTube videos. I got this 👍🏻

  18. I eat Childs says:

    From New York, currently restrictions are starting to why tight, everyone is freaking out.

  19. Qilt says:

    To see humanity put aside a majority of their differences to help each other has been a good sign for our future

  20. The J Media says:

    That’s so true. Everyone’s daily life has definitely been interrupted and we all need to play our part to prevent it more

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