My BIGGEST Flipbook EVER – The RETURN of Grumpy Cloud

My BIGGEST Flipbook EVER – The RETURN of Grumpy Cloud

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This is the longest flipbook I have ever made! The Return of Grumpy Cloud
Special thanks to Lydia Boyd and Stacy Dean for their help on this project.

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31 Responses

  1. Sere Beat says:

    35 days of work= ~1 min of footage in a flip book.
    Time is so cruel. Really cool tho

  2. Xhroma M says:

    Never did anime style
    Watches DBZ for reference

    Awesome work though

  3. Ben Hall says:

    Wow fair play amazing video. That’s dedication ☺

  4. Joanne's _Pack says:

    Apart from the flip book, the sound effects got me?

  5. ClaraZocktHD says:

    the anime girl sounds so funny xD
    amazing work btw
    +1 new subscriber

  6. xx__cola__xx says:

    Girl: Holds out the rainbow blast
    Cloud: ToP tEn AnImE bEtRaYaLs

  7. Weird Lonely guy says:

    First it was johnny johnny in anime now its


  8. Kartwes says:

    What flip book? Isnt that an episode of anime?

  9. skipper el pinguino super_smash_bros says:

    imagine back then in the 30s and 80s n 90s damn boi, nice work tho that was really good yo! ?:D

  10. pikapool says:

    15:05 just give it a like thank you

    amazing video

  11. Mama We're All Gonna Die says:

    wow he spent more than 100 hours making it and we watched it in one minute
    * respect *??

  12. ThrashML says:

    U can’t draw perfect clouds

    Andy: hold my pen and stylus

  13. Abi Gail says:

    This should go to the anime pand animax like if you agree

  14. Sky.C.Gacha says:

    Wow! Your so talented! Well done for creating such a master piece!!

  15. MASTER GAMING says:

    Guinevere from Mobile Legends vs Thunder cloud
    Who will win like: Guinevere Comment:Thunder cloud
    With colored skin

  16. canwecopystrikepewdiepie? :/ says:

    Can we just sit and appreciate how much effort was put into this?

    Thank you man

  17. TUAN HUNG VUONG says:

    Appreciate your work
    Respect your KAMEHAMEHA

  18. Chey H says:

    Way to go man. Awesome job. You have inspired me to draw and commit to art. Seriously, thank you.

  19. dimlightssand grey says:

    Omg… Its so cool and awesome…
    This is the best flipbook I never seen… Thats so good… ????❤️❤️❤️

  20. Bum B says:

    A non-crap video on trending…

    This is revolutionary!

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