My Birth Story! – Twin C-Section

My Birth Story! – Twin C-Section

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31 Responses

  1. Bargain Bethany says:

    Everyone’s birth story is different and in no way should what you experienced be diminished or deemed like you’re complaining. C-Sections are rough, especially when they’re sprung up on you and not planned. I too had cholestasis with my only pregnancy and the exhaustion you experience is on a whole other level and really messes with you physically and emotionally because the lack of sleep. Felt like little tiny insects were pricking at me all night. 36hrs into being induced because of the cholestasis, I hadn’t dilated and had to have a C-Section. I was crying because I felt so defeated after everything I had gone through in my pregnancy and them trying to get me to dilate. I sat there on the operating table in tears trying not to have a panic attack. I was already struggling to breath from the crying and my sinuses being closed because of pregnancy. Once they pulled my son out and he was fine to hold, I didn’t wanna hold him because I was afraid I would start crying more. I immediately had a fever after the c section and was shaking/vomiting like crazy. Got postpartum eclampsia and didn’t get to leave the hospital for 5 days. Can be traumatizing but it is all worth it. Wishing you a speedy recovery and praying your babies stay healthy and come home soon!

    • Jl Ishappy says:

      @Jude having money helps you in every way!! She’s got doctors that literally come to her door to care for her!! Get a clue! And someone who is still thinking about picking up a camera and talking about herself, isn’t having THAT hard of a time!

    • Mali Barrera says:

      @Jl Ishappy why u so negative.? This woman just gave birth and you trynna drag her for having money? Since when does having money make you not human? If you don’t have kids you wouldn’t understand what she is talking about. And if you do have kids that makes it even worse to try to bring down a MOTHER for talking about her story. Have the day u DESERVE. May karma be nice.

    • E L says:

      @Jl Ishappy awhh…you little weirdo. Here you are watching her videos AND somehow with all the time in the world commenting on them AND replying to other comments. You sound really privileged to have the time to do that! The only difference here is that you’re using whatever pain you have in your life to be rude others, and Colleen isn’t. Go outside and touch some grass. You’ll be alright.

    • Elle says:

      @Jl Ishappy I’m not even that big of a fan anymore (not because I don’t like colleen I think she’s a sweetie, just not the content for me right now) and I don’t think she’s overly dramatic about anything in this video. Also, who cares? Her living a “pampered life” is irrelevant. Also, even so, she had pretty miserable pregnancies yet still went through with it and shared the experience. There’s nothing lavish and privileged about how severe her symptoms were through her pregnancy. And this is coming from someone who has some of the most debilitating chronic health conditions that has taken my entire life away from me and I’m not even in my 30s yet. I could sit here and say “oh you had a bad pregnancy? Boo hoo I wish I had symptoms solely from being pregnant and not 24/7 I’d give anything for your life instead of mine!” but I don’t because it’s irrelevant and you just don’t compare situations. If you feel that strongly about the “dramatics” so much so that you have to comment about it, what’s the point of even watching her stuff? Is it really that serious?

      Colleen understands plenty that other people go through worse things. You can say that about anything. There’s a lot of narcissism and self centered crap in the world these days, but don’t try and pass this off as someone being dramatic. If anything I think she was downplaying things. She’s sharing HER story her experience because its HER channel. Seems to me like you’re the one being overly dramatic for no reason. Period.

    • Rebecca says:

      @Elle 👏👏👏

  2. Erica Griffin says:

    The epidural wasn’t bad for me either. It was “zingy” when they were moving it around though. The back labor with contraction coupling was infinitely worse. Poor baby started to be in a lot of distress that nearly made her heart stop so they took me to emergency c section and gave me a spinal because the epidural didn’t make me completely numb. So two spine jabs! And still they couldn’t get me totally numb with even the SPINAL! SO I got to be put under general anesthesia and woke up totally disoriented and apart from my baby. Didn’t get to hear her cry. Didn’t get to know if she was OK. She was great and with my husband and mom but SHEESH! The process was barbaric.

    It’s very weird getting to know what happened truly through the post op notes. I leaned my baby wasn’t breathing and was resuscitated. I learned she had pooped myconium into the amniotic fluid. I didn’t know the surgeon or anyone to even be able to ask later what really happened. I’m less than thrilled. Biggest piece of advice: make sure you have 1 doctor for your whole pregnancy so you know your surgeon and your care team. I went with midwives who cycled through and incase of emergency I just got whoever was on call.

    • Devon Garvey says:

      That’s absolutely terrifying. Maybe it’s a good thing that you didn’t have to go through the fear of seeing your baby not breathing and having to be resuscitated, though. It’s completely understandable if you would have rather been awake, for me personally I would just be relieved to not have that image in my head. So grateful that your baby was okay!

    • Rose_kalayakhloe says:

      That took so long to write I think

    • Stephanie Hill says:

      I wish no one else had to go through general anaesthetic to have their baby, but it makes me feel less alone to hear someone else went through it too ❤️

    • Teresa says:

      I had been induced but baby got stuck face up.. so was in absolute agony on my pubic bone.. the spinal was the best thing ever! Lol
      When they opened my uterus my baby girl was facing the OB, no way she was coming out naturally in that position. Lol
      We had a few days of NiCU, she had a huge ridge across her forehead from my pelvic bones, but it goes by steadily.
      My nephews were 33 wk ID twins but they were huge, 6lb each. They still Needed 24 Hrs breathing help but then just feeding and growing for 3 more weeks, amazing to see that by 6 -8 weeks they were just like regular newborns.. and we’re always completely healthy.. and alwasy bigger than peers. Now in their 20s, they were due Xmas, arrived nov 1st.. Exact same thing my sisters water broke at 10am, hospital by midday.. babies by 12:53/56!

    • Rebecca O'Sullivan says:

      My epidural wasn’t bad, but Labor and Delivery was crowded so the interns weren’t available so the attending doctor did it. I think that helped. He did it so fast.

      Ditto on the notes. I was awake but drugged so I still didn’t know what was happening. I found it took 3 tries to intubate my son. It broke my heart.

  3. Heather Aaron says:

    My oldest is 17, and he was an emergency C-Section, and his was so traumatizing. My recovery was even harder with him as well. However my other 3 kiddos were all scheduled C-sections, and they were way smoother, and less chaotic and recovery was a breeze.
    You will get through this and those precious babies will be home before you know it.

  4. Kawaii Toy Collector says:

    You are so strong!! My mom when she had me and my twin sister, the C-section. Tramuatized her. She felt the same feeling of her throat closing. She told me this story years ago and I still think about it, because I feel so bad her thinking she won’t see her babies again. Love you sm!! You are strong, and such an amazing moma ❤️❤️

    • bynana says:

      my mom had me 2 months earlier and it was very sudden too. i had to be in the NICU for 2ish weeks and she says she really wanted to be with me all the time or at least in the hospital but she couldn’t because she would always hear me crying from getting poked with needles for blood transfusions etc. moms are fucking badass for going through these things and staying strong

    • Vijayanirmala A U says:

      Aww you are so sweet 🥰😍😘

    • Mel says:

      I’m sorry ur mom had to go thru that but it’s a very good experience I’m guessing that’s makes your moma stronger! Moms are wonderful .

      Also I think I used to watch your videos! They are entertaining!

    • ulrike kassun says:

      ur mom is so strong so is mine i was born 6 weeks to early and born with c section

    • Kawaii Toy Collector says:

      @Mel Omg Aw Tysm!! That means sm to me 🥰❤️

  5. Julia Williams says:

    We need more doctors like Colleen’s ob/gyn 😭 I’m so glad she had someone like her

  6. bedofstars says:

    I’ve heard also the difference between a scheduled C-section and emergency C-section is night and day. I’ve heard so many people traumatized by emergency c sections and then have a wonderful experience with their next because it was planned and much more peaceful. Just writing for anyone who may be forced to schedule one and is scared.

    • Jacqueline Lopez says:

      Yes I had both kinds and my scheduled one was much better overall.. but both went well for me

    • JustForFun GamesAndMore says:

      @Jacqueline Lopez same my second was scheduled and my daughter was an emergency cause she had her cord wrapped around her neck it was scary not hearing my baby cry and being rushed away…thankfully she’s 10 yrs old now and a sassy little human lol

    • Ridzzz226 says:

      if ur first baby is a c-section, then does that mean the rest of ur babies will be c-sections too?? or is it possible to have normal births ?

    • jenna raudenbush says:

      @Ridzzz226 you can absolutely have a vaginal birth after c-section and it’s fairly common, but not if the scar is vertical. There’s too much risk with it opening that way. It’s all up to mom and doctor!

    • Jacqueline Lopez says:

      @Ridzzz226 Not necessarily….my husbands ex-wife had a c-section then vaginal birth.. it’s called a VBAC. Most doctors don’t like that because there are higher risks due the surgery but that is something you would need to discuss with your Obstetrician… every case is different. I did not try although I wanted to, we decided another c-section was safest based on my history.

  7. Tyler H says:

    I cried this whole video. I don’t even want kids, but it’s heart wrenching to hear about this. You’re so strong ❤️ your babies are so strong ❤️ well done mama.

  8. Louise Beisheim says:

    I feel like when the doctor was calming & comforting Colleen, telling her how brave and strong she is, she was speaking for all of us
    -saying all the things we would want to tell her in that moment 💜

  9. JuMixBoox says:

    I love that the doctors, while consoling you, didn’t only say that you were wrong and not actually dying, they also said that this would be the best place for you to be treated if it were true. That feels pretty significant.

  10. Brynn T says:

    “Anesthesiologist, that’s a hard word for me to say. Whatever the guy with the drugs.” 😂 In all seriousness you are strong Colleen and i’m so sorry you had to go through that. 💗

    • myexperiencewithdepression 26 says:

      She reeally is. but my first thought after she said that was “that would be your dealer”

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