MY BLACKHAWK IS DONE! Time to Fly it Home

MY BLACKHAWK IS DONE! Time to Fly it Home

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Huge thanks to everyone who made this project happen:

Thoroughbred Aviation:
JT Tannahill- Above The Best Program:
Whelen Lights:
Timberline Helicopters:
AZ National Guard:
XP Services:

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21 Responses

  1. John Craig says:

    as a retired, private pilot, who once owned a TriPacer with 160hp Lyc & McAllen Gullwing Tips, I am just thoroughly awed at what you keep doing to help people… Managing to afford something like the Blackhawk, is an extraordinary achievement.

    • stot2614 says:

      @Georges Ongenaert I bought a shirt on his website to congratulate Sparks and his friends for their accomplishments to get to this moment and not just to win the truck… That is by the way.

    • bubba jones says:


    • dapol says:

      I did my first solo in a pacer tail dragger!

    • Georges Ongenaert says:

      So i hoop i am one off them.
      But how you gion to call my.
      Bicos i am from Europa and we cant play whit this show but i follew you more as one year i think now. And suport your channel so you get money for this but i can win nothing that is not good.
      Greeting from Belgium and my Georges.👎👎👎👎Boe boe boe.

    • Marvin De Bot says:

      @jim rod Helos always are even small ones are eye wateringly expensive to own and operate.

  2. Patrick Larochelle says:

    As a retired veteran and someone who has lots of flight hours in the Blackhawk I would like to thank you for what you are doing for the Veteran community. Would love to get back up in a Hawk someday 🖤

  3. Joe Compton says:

    As a Marine Corps and Army veteran who lost his mother to cancer back in 2018, and who is the primary caregiver for his 70 year old father, I thank you for your support. I hope that I can get a ride in the Blackhawk.

  4. Joel Bowen says:

    Hi Diesel Dave. What a beast! As a Veteran of the Royal Australian Army, I flew in Black Hawks in the early 1990’s. I have some great memories in them & think it’s a great idea what you & your buddies are doing to give back to people have served your country. It would be great to go for a relaxing flight in one again without having to worry about carrying all your combat gear & disembarking without being shot at. We’ll done guys. 👌🤙

  5. drew andres says:

    As a current 15T (Blackhawk crewchief) for those that do not know, This is a pretty large feat to accomplish, it looks great. Thanks for saving one from possibly getting scrapped I love seeing the 60 converted to civilian use, Its also awesome you are doing leisure flights I cant tell you how many people have asked me in my career for a ride and I have to say no. Good on you and Congrats on getting it done!

  6. Practical Ken says:

    As a person who has worked in aviation for over 30 years, I love seeing the aviation side of things. Thanks for sharing your blackhawk adventure.

  7. A-Salt Weapon says:

    Its nice to see you giving back to Veterans. I’m a 24 year retired vet and after flying in black hawks during multiple combat missions in Iraq in 2005, I really don’t think I would want to get back in one. Have fun with it….very Awesome machine. Thank you.. to all those Army pilots and gunners I flew with back then that got me back to the FOB safe on a daily. Amazing times, but glad the ride is over. GOD BLESS our Military!

  8. Tom Williams says:

    I flew Search and rescue Pavehawks in Alaska for 8 years. I get teared up to see this great helicopter saved and turned into such a beauty. Thanks from Moab!

  9. Ashlynn Taylor says:

    You have come such a long way from selling cars from a rented space, to now owning your own Blackhawk! Through great determination you have made it happen. You most certainly deserve it.

  10. Edward White says:

    Uber impressed with this whole project from A – Z. You’ve surrounded yourself with the very best people possible to help you achieve your goals and without cutting corners. For that you have to be commended because you could have so easily done this on a tighter budget but you didn’t. Now that bird needs a logo on the side. Let me know if you want us to knock one up for you.

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