My Blockbuster Video Stories

My Blockbuster Video Stories

Saw the Captain Marvel teaser trailer and it reminded me of my Blockbuster Video adventures.

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51 Responses

  1. Always Amazing says:

    I remember that block buster was the beat place ever

  2. SayySooFlyy says:

    Mann i just wanna be like Swooze

  3. Yuh says:

    Damn nice video I’ll see y’all in few months ?

  4. Oh No No says:

    I had a blockbuster in my town and now it’s a chipotle and they still owe me a game because I bought a game and it didn’t have a my game and I still have my December 14, 1997 receipt and funny thing it used to be a yellow paper.

  5. C4rt3rs4rt says:

    “ *_Harry Potter? Hunger Games? I want it I GOT IT!_* “ ?

  6. illymation says:

    this gave me secondhand stress, and blockbusters frickin closed forever…

  7. Mr. BAB says:

    I’m crying I have so many good memories of block buster ?

  8. Parker Pritchard says:

    Y’all young bloods don’t know how lit this place was on Friday night

  9. ZShaun says:

    Watching netflix and youtube will never beat the joy of going to blockbuster as a kid

  10. Brooks Holt says:

    Bring on that new Swoozie vid!

  11. Drew Galin says:

    omg when he started singing 7 rings!!! ??

  12. Benjamin Hagel says:

    *Jump on my bike , and drive to blockbuster*

  13. Melissaysitall says:

    Ahhh this was a great video! I miss blockbuster. Friday nights aren’t the same bruh. I remember going in with my dad and getting the baby bottle pops. Wow. Good times

  14. XxKing BallaXx says:

    I don’t know if this is just where I live but I remember the cases at blockbuster were beefy as hell

  15. D Victoria says:

    i love u so much, thanks for the video!

  16. Oscar Parrilla says:

    Good video dude such a good message!

  17. Ude Antos says:

    Japan-imations lol. I just got that.

  18. David Honsinger says:

    2 things. 1) Blockbuster was the place for Friday night date nights back in the day.

    2) Way to take it deep at the end.

  19. Skippi Skip Production LLC says:

    At least we still have a Family Video. My local Blockbuster was replaced by a Goodwill which is a poor one.

  20. Chuck Freaking Norris says:

    *I roundhouse kicked Blockbuster out of business*

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