My Body Is a Broken Temple

My Body Is a Broken Temple

In which John discusses the rib he broke celebrating his 39th birthday, middle age, the relationship between body and mind, his new book, and a limited number of upcoming public appearances. TICKET INFO: Nerdcon Stories in Minneapolis:

Nerdcon Nerdfighteria in Boston next February:

Speech in Cleveland next May:

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20 Responses

  1. Lizard Baron says:

    I enjoy the fact that my temple is self healing… but at the same time my
    temple also sucks.

  2. Nadine Oblad says:

    I’ve found that so many aspects of my life has changed since I started
    treating my body “like a temple”, being respectful and aware of what I’m
    consuming and putting my body through. It’s a great practice and it really
    does have amazing benefits. Both short term and long term.

  3. Rose Books says:

    one time I had a physics teacher who had broken their rib the day before
    falling down the stairs refuse to stay home because it was a lab day

  4. 5ceanator says:

    DFTNBYR means “Don’t forget to not break you ribs.” Right?

    Edit: I appear to have been mistaken. He said DFTNYBR, not DFTNBYR. I am
    guessing this means “Don’t forget to not yup big raccoons” Kappa. Or maybe
    he just misspoke.

  5. naffy113 says:

    Hope you feel better soon and that it heals up quickly! All the best with
    the writing too. DFTBA

  6. Nathan Flannery says:

    Don’t Forget To Never Your Break Ribs? DFTNYBR

  7. Petra Ylenius says:

    *reads title*
    Me: same.

  8. Sebastian m (alpine1600s) says:

    Middle Aged is generally 40-60.
    You’re still young John.

    Thanks Obama.

  9. martinisrandom says:

    What does DFTNYBR mean??

  10. Anni F says:

    Even John’s teenage body hate was advanced and complex, while many of us
    were probably like, “UGH, I’m fat and I have this big zit.” Also, Teenage
    Body Hate would be the ideal name for a punk band specializing in
    self-mockery – comprised of middle-aged men and with joke songs only.

  11. Miranda Finn says:

    It’s like you knew I had fried ravioli for lunch and felt bad about it…

  12. Tabitha Carnes says:

    (1:03) I am literally eating nacho cheese Doritos as I watch this video.

  13. Dj Dyris says:

    “Your body is a temple, don’t fill it with Doritos”. That’s going on my

  14. UninspiredMuse says:

    my body is a temple but it’s one if those really weird temples where
    monkeys shit all over the place

  15. Chekube Chukwuma says:

    Not gonna lie I’m sorta scared to watch this video.

  16. Chilie5678 says:

    will there be some way to see you talk on mental illness and creativity
    without going? being a broke college student i can’t travel to see it in
    person and really would like to here what you have to say

  17. karatepop says:

    I don’t particularly care for my temple much of the time, as I have a
    Edhlers-Danlos III and I can do pretty much nothing to make it not suck,
    but it did the coolest thing. My actually pretty small body grew and
    birthed a [nearly] 10 lb baby, at home, and then made food for that baby
    for two years (and continues to do so). Pretty badass.

    The older I get, the happier I get, so whatevz. Eff you, temple. I do what
    I want.

  18. viktorayy :D says:

    My temple is a broken body. Don’t ask…

  19. OST says:

    John! Good luck with the book and get better soon. Hey fellow NF’s, I
    wanted to shamelessly comment hear and explain to you how I spent the last
    two years working on an album. “Homeless”, the first music video from that,
    went live on my channel, please check it out if you have a spare moment.

  20. John Hightower says:

    Your body is a temple, and you will die. Temple of doom. You’re welcome.