My Boyfriend does my Makeup

My Boyfriend does my Makeup

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67 Responses

  1. zoe jaydes says:

    Why does the boyfriend’s voice sound like the voice everyone does when they try to sound like an adult over the phone.

  2. Mait Sun says:

    Bretman’s looks like he is having an allergic reaction. Lol.

  3. Michelle Cm says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Bretman make an instagram story about how he met this cute boy at the mall (this was a while ago)
    Who would’ve known they were gonna end up together! I’m happy for bretman💗

  4. Ana T says:

    His boyfriend is really going for that e-girl look with the blush.

  5. Ezzmreellduhh says:

    The amount of times bretman said “let’s move on” lol

  6. Allen Mendoza says:

    Bretman: “If you’re a makebup artist, I won’y definitely go back to you.”

    Haha I kennaaat

  7. Mariah Zamora says:

    I died when you said “I look like an Oompa Loompa” cause you actually did😂😂 but a cute one though 😘

  8. Nasreen Afiqah says:

    If bretman’s sister do that makeup look to him, she would be dead😂

  9. Paloma Gomez says:

    Bretman : “I can sing huh?”
    his boyfriend : 👁👄👁

  10. Troy Jacob says:

    Why is his boyfriend’s voice sounds EFFING HANDSOME?!?!

    • Luke Dickson says:

      Troy Jacob it sounds like he’s trying to sound straight

    • Jotaro Kujo says:

      Luke Dickson But he’s GAYYYY

    • Troy Jacob says:

      Huh? If someone is gay they are not entitled to obtain a high-pitched kind of voice. Some possess deep voice and they like it like that. A person’s voice does not represent what sexuality or what kind of a person he/she is.

  11. Gisselle Skjervem says:

    My Husband doesnt have any social medias and i love that about him, he says its just dumb and not for him. I respect that.

  12. Night Rave says:

    In America: If you’re 18, you move out of your parents house.
    In Asia: Parents will scold you if you’re not at home by 6pm!

  13. Sam Asher says:

    “I really recommend not to look for a boyfriend”
    me, 4 years single w/ doing no looking whatsoever: OKAY :/

  14. Adele says:

    Boys who don’t have social media accounts hit different…

    • TA13OO says:

      Fiona Coin I did the same thing! I’ve never been happier without social media. I would recommend it to anyone lol

    • Adele says:

      Austin Sablan LMFAOOO it’s not about ‘hoeing out’ they are just a DIFFERENT species from the rest in the best way possible.

    • AD says:

      It’s funny how we live in a world where not having a social media is seen as “weird”. I had facebook, instagram, twitter and I got so tired of it, everyone acted so mean, especially on twitter. I deleted all of my accounts and it feels so much better for me personally. I don’t even miss it.

    • she a fangirl says:


    • Jazmin Arenas says:


  15. Nadhirah Azis says:

    Can we talk about how confident bretman’s bf put blush at his collarbone lol!!

  16. Rebecca Li says:

    Confused why no ones said this already but his voice is so attractive…

  17. gabriel says:


    • HeyitsFelisha G says:

      Omg ikr😂😂😂😂

    • HeyitsFelisha G says:

      @Anastasia Mursanto yeahhh😂😂😂

    • Simay Kuzu says:

      All you bitches know about the witcher is from the netflix series. You do not even know the original voice actor from the game. And he is Geralt of Rivia and he is a witcher. He is not ” Geralt the Witcher” as if he is a disney prince like what the fuck? You posers ruin everything the moment something becomes mainstream. Get educated

    • Anastasia Mursanto says:

      @Simay Kuzu I read the books, played the games, and watched the series. There is nothing wrong knowing one medium of Witcher series. And I didn’t go calling game players posers when it was released.

    • Sophia Rodriguez says:

      @Simay Kuzu omg relax and let people like things and not have to do 70 hours of research just to pass your inspection. holy shit uncleanch lil mama.

  18. Jalisa says:

    bretman: i can sing huh?
    his boyfriend: chile anyways so

  19. Sealistic says:

    Bretman: *Announce his 100 titles*
    *Daenerys Targaryen has left the chat*

  20. LALA says:


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