My Boyfriend Does My Voiceover

My Boyfriend Does My Voiceover

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20 Responses

  1. Julia Pragit says:

    I love you Jenna, & i’m glad you’re having so much fun with this, but your
    foundation is cakey, and its creasing. Use a moisturizing primer and maybe
    a medium coverage, matte foundation.

  2. xxtorayxx says:

    oh… ok that’s it. Thank you guys, bye.

  3. Hannah Kinton says:

    Cuz we are a cat rawr

  4. Kaitlin73_Drawings says:


  5. rebpol2005 says:

    Julian: And I like to draw targets on my face but they end up punching me!
    Jenna:Shut up!

  6. nicole leos says:

    I just saw one of these the other day and it was hilarious I’m so glad you
    did one Happy Thanksgiving guys

  7. Jazmyn Avila says:

    enhance night vision

  8. CLUTCH1st says:

    Fun vid guys. Being a girl seems like a lot of work.

  9. Kaylee Shields says:


  10. Ben Blue says:

    I’m definitely gonna start putting concealer in my eyes for night vision

  11. ablurida says:

    Jenna I think you should stop using foundation. Seriously your natural
    complexion looks so much better!!

  12. Divinecross says:

    I felt Jeffree Star’s fist clenching when he said Kylie Lip Kit lmao

  13. Max Kuik says:

    FFS her makeup isn’t cakey it’s just skin texture! Literally no one has
    actual airbrushed and 100% poreless skin stop using beauty gurus with
    expensive and maxed out lighting equipment to blur out their face as a

  14. ravenlips says:

    Hi Jenna! Just want to say you are very beautiful but that foundation is
    doing you no favors, it emphasizes your facial hair and dry patches and
    wrinkles to level 9000. No hate intended or bashing!! I just feel its such
    a bad foundation and there are so many better products out there worth the
    money. i.e. Estee Lauder

  15. Emily Horsburgh says:

    So because I can’t find one in the comments and I’m such a huge Jenna fan
    here’s a full list of the products Jenna used (your welcome) ? (in order)

    – makeup forever ultra HD foundation
    – black beauty blender
    – smashbox studio skin 15 hour wear hydrating foundation
    – nars radiant creamy concealer
    – NYX tame and fame tinted brow promade
    – MAC studio finish concealer
    – tartelette eyeshadow palette
    – tatted tarteist clay paint liner
    – house of lashes X sephora lashes in Everlasting
    – DUO dark brush on eyelash adhesive
    – MAC mineralise skinfinish natural powder
    – Benefit Hoola bronzer
    – MAC blush (sorry I cannot work out what shade it is)
    – MAC mineralise skinfinish
    – BECCA shimmering skin perfector (again sorry I am unsure of the shade)
    – Jeffree star cosmetics velour liquid lipstick in shade Androgyny
    – Benefit roller lash mascara
    – urban decay all nighter setting spray

  16. astrolater says:

    noah fence but her foundation looks gross

  17. Game WalkThrough's says:

    I ate the ‘ball of foam’ and had to go to the hospital :(

  18. dogy5579 aj says:

    When the screen went black at the end I thought my phone died and I got
    really mad but it’s ok now.

  19. natasha ghoreishi says:

    that dog behind her reminded me of my boyfriend waiting for me to get my
    makeup done and insulting whoever invented makeup stuffs

  20. Mr. Waffles says:

    “Oh uhhh,My ball of foam,you can eat the ball of foam later when you’re

    ~Jenna’s Boyfriend