My Brother Almost FOUGHT This Dude! Indoor 5v5 Basketball!

My Brother Almost FOUGHT This Dude! Indoor 5v5 Basketball!

We went to Chicago to play 5v5 at a private gym and this happened…

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55 Responses

  1. Tristan Jass says:

    Thank you guys for the recent support on the channel! Numbers are going up! I really appreciate the love! Like, comment, and subscribe! Turn post notifications on too! 🙏❤️

  2. Malcolm Hilariion says:

    Brennan was really slapping that one kids shots repeatedly. He didn’t have to ruin him like that

  3. Dont mind me says:

    Guy in red shorts is the definition of a 60 overall.

  4. Hisham Hoque says:

    Tjass turned on god mode when he saw his bro being disrespected, straight buckets

  5. Foung Yang says:

    Man, TJass needs to hoop with a mini microphone. Trying to hear everything that was said 😂

  6. David Brown says:

    16:16 my mans licked his fingers like that’s why he missed 😂

    • Terrence Palmer says:

      That’s funny I didnt even noticed he licked them and was like damn I’ll get the next one

  7. Dyllan Davis says:

    I’m I the only one that thinks the older guy looks like lances dad

  8. Bryce Backus says:

    guy giving crap: let’s go to the parking lot Brendan: Ight i got a 7 footer and my bro who you got

  9. prince j says:

    T Jass and the Latino dude were going at it… Lowkey

  10. Lee Wood says:

    dude is talking the most but his field goal % is like 0.05

  11. Jayden Frias says:

    The guy that tristans brother almost fought looks like a blobfish in the face

  12. Benjamin Miles says:

    This man said move when he was trying to set a pick for him 😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️. Plus the old man was wide open for the three why not pass it to him 🤷🏾‍♂️

  13. **LYSCA CR7** says:

    Anyone realize that the guy at the end is the same one from the 1v1s with old man

  14. Travis Thompson says:

    Where’s the d jass, dude was raining on you and you basically let him shoot.

  15. John Brooks420 says:

    That guy can take his bricks to the parking lot

  16. Quixyツ says:

    I like when the dude was talking trash to T’s Brother, and then he swatted him the next play

  17. Paul Rizik says:

    Dude guarding TJ has some skills he going shot for shot with TJ

    • Mark Nguyen says:

      yeah he can shoot but you can tell tj wasn’t really trying on defense no hand up or anything

    • JesusIsGOD says:

      @TheRealAT If Tjass really wanted to he could lock him up. Trust me.

    • nikolic pavle says:

      @TheRealAT My guy, TJ was not even trying to guard him. TJ was only playing offense this game and he was killing it. It is the same as Harden, Tray Young, Curry. You gotta use your energy wisely, and if you waste it all on defense than what is the point.

    • dan white says:

      Give the guy some credit. He was carrying the team from what I see. Plus T J knows his nice, thats why he had so many spots on the video.

    • Eric Young III says:

      Soto DuhGod that dunk doesn’t really count it didn’t go straight in

  18. JustinR20 says:

    Your brother really gets set off at the smallest things… he should try meditating or some shi

  19. Wehere323 says:

    Tristan hella extra when calming him down lol he’s a elite hooper but overhyped situation even with his thumbnails on vids , just a little argument nothing more than that

  20. SШIҒT_ҜILLΣR-HD says:

    16:15 that one guy who spends all his VC on clothes instead of on his attributes 😂😂😂

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