My Cheap Salvage Auction Ferrari Has a TON Of Problems! Will it Even Start?

My Cheap Salvage Auction Ferrari Has a TON Of Problems! Will it Even Start?

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Let’s start the salvage auction Ferrari 360 and see if it’s working right…

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Mail: Samcrac
PO Box 713
Odessa, FL 33556

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43 Responses

  1. Boots N Pants says:

    ask Daddy Ed Bolian, he knows alot of stuff
    or Bob Spaghetti

    • Chris D says:

      Sounds like this is the car from the detailing thread and apparently the only one in that color with a black interior!

    • Mc Earl says:

      Boots N Pants They both know a lot of stuff, I’ll give you that but neither are the typento call with technical diagnostic questions. Both of them carry their tools in their wallets. That’s not to disrespect either of them, it’s just not their area of expertise.

    • Joe S. says:

      Rob feretti is a 360 Modena expert.

    • Charlie Vetsworth says:

      He has a kid? I didn’t know, wow.

    • Suneil Bhaskara says:

      Chris D yea it was back in 09 so it’s very possible that this is that car

  2. BatuhanD147 says:

    I was waiting for this after he was so evil with that cliffhanger

  3. Leo says:

    Obviously owned by a non car guy who made it their hooptie mobile

  4. Lexou Zzzhhh says:

    Sam: *wants to start car
    Car: Ugh im italian, i won’t do that

  5. Chris Haynes says:

    I absolutely love the color. It’s definitely different in a Ferrari.

  6. Shah Ali says:

    There is a immobiliser light on the left of the steering wheel, you have to pop in the key and wait for the light to turn off and then turn back on, so that the car starts properly

  7. Osvaldo Ah says:

    nothing more expensive then a cheap exotic

    • Mc Earl says:

      Osvaldo Ah Thats not true. People say that shit about BMW, Mercedes, and now Ferrari’s. That shit is just a catchphrase for people to say. It is true for people unable or unwilling to work on their own car and in some other individual cases but it’s far too general of a statement to be made anymore. Especially for a youtuber who can easily make a few grand for every video made of fixing the car.

    • 3DPeter says:

      +Mc Earl
      A cheap mercedes or bmw can be fixed at relative normal prices, but when something has to be fixed on a ferrari, well then you will have to rob a bank first,
      and that is rediclious because things like a startermotor, altenator, brakepads, sparkplugs, filters and you name all the standard shit that is on every car,
      are made in the same factory that produces those parts for al car brands, but as soon it comes in a box with ferrari on it, the prices are 10 times higher
      than for a normal car, and that’s why i hate exotic cars, because you pay for the name.
      A former friend of mine had a porsche 944 and that needed new door handles and i told him that they are the same ones as on a volkswagen golf,
      but he didn’t believe me so he went out to buy some used ones from porsche and payed 500 bucks for them, and as soon he got them, i layed
      the vw ones beside it and asked him to point out the differences, and there were no differences except that i payed 50 bucks for mine,
      so you get fucked in the ass when you need parts for a exotic car.

    • Uptin Sinclaire says:

      Goes the same for cheap / free boats.

    • Francois Franceschini says:

      Dacia Sandero guys some people enjoy working on their cars.. some people get really excited about owning cars they used to think were unobtainable when they first started driving or got into cars. It has nothing to do with mentality or how much money you have, and people who make comments like that, with no context on the situation, just seem insecure about money, and sometimes even envious.

    • Super Duty 455 says:

      Then/than. Who cares, right?

  8. Diego Garces says:

    We have at least 6 weeks more of video material lol

    • Jaap van de Pas says:

      The Dutch Royal Prins Bernard had a complete Ferrari collection in this color @samcrac

  9. zdestroyer09 says:

    Car doesn’t start
    My thought: sounds normal

  10. T D3434 says:

    Hood was not latched, and came open during drive

    • Drew T says:

      Was thinking the same why would a car hauler put a Ferrari over head.

    • ROLEX SUBWAY says:

      Yep. At some point someone was pulling levers trying to get something open and forgot to check on what else they released. If that damage wasn’t listed in the auction info then it happened during transport. If so then the transport guys closed the hood before he arrived to pick it up. The other possibility, considering these cars are SO delicate, is the hood latch is failing. There’s a chance he fixes everything, replaces the windshield and then the hood flies open again.

    • Calisole says:

      that probably would have totaled the windshield. how do i know ? it happened to me before lmao

    • Tim K says:

      Or the hood got popped open when the undercarriage was damaged. It happened right under the hood hinges, the car could have flexed enough to possibly disengage the locks.

    • Uptin Sinclaire says:

      Came open while driving and caused the wreck. Which damaged the electrical.

  11. John Ulrich says:

    A lot of convertibles have an interlock that prevents driving the car with the top not fully up or down. The top sensor may be malfunctioning.

  12. Jordan Mitchell says:

    that hood flew open while driving sir, and your tach isnt working

    • Corwin Weber says:

      Hadn’t thought of that, but yeah….. that would actually make a lot of sense. Likely why the rods are missing as well. They were either already missing (hence the hood coming open while driving) or they broke when it happened. Good call.

    • Uptin Sinclaire says:

      Hood flew open and they got in a wreck. The wreck pushed up on the undercarriage and damaged the wiring.

  13. Mark Wilko says:

    An electric problem and Italian made.
    What’s a rare thing to happen. 🙂

  14. Mr Mandela says:

    You sound like Lazlo from GTA liberty city. C-box

  15. Tom Mathew says:

    Just fix it with noodles……
    trust me it works.

  16. Nathan Adams Cars says:

    Glad you followed up on the cliffhanger quickly. This is an interesting purchase. I look forward to seeing you work on it!

  17. Serpentar9000 says:

    Normal people,looking at hood :”eh,just tiny dents,cant even see it ”

  18. V T says:

    Sequence of events not accurately depicted I think 🙂
    Engine was running fine. You checked oil level and overfilled it. Then engine ran badly.

  19. Nelson Gonzalez says:

    The fact that its an ORIGINAL verde British racing just blew my mind… what a gorgeous spec

  20. darkzero_ says:

    F360 detailing video ASAP! 😀 collab with AMMO?!

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