My Childhood Fears

My Childhood Fears

I was afraid of very strange things as a kid. Let’s talk about fear and how it affects us as children.

Chloe Dungate:
E Griswold:



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36 Responses

  1. Akerzy says:

    her videos are so entertaining

  2. OwO says:

    I remember having a few childhood fears in my life. Now that I think back on it, they were silly, but pretty funny!

  3. Libby Kitty says:

    I don’t remember any scary movies I watched as a small child, but I do have my own Tower of Terror story. I think I was about 3-6 when I first went on it with my dad. I was very excited and my mom said before hand to my dad to not traumatize me. My dad told me that it was a fast elevator. Once we got inside, my dad thought that I was going to start getting scared soon, but no. If anything, I was fascinated with all the cool props and decorations. We got into the show room, watched the pre show and made our way to the basement. My dad thought for sure I’d be getting a little scared. We got into the vehicle and my dad was waiting for me to want to leave. I kept sitting there on the elevator with a smile on my face. My dad was scared for me during the ride because everyone was screaming. He expected for us to get off with tears on my face. We got off, I looked at him with the biggest smile and said “You’re right. That was a fast elevator, Daddy.”

  4. Pikapetey Animations says:

    When I was a child adults scared me. Now as an adult, adults and children scare me.

  5. Genevieve says:

    When I was 5, we went to Disney World for the first time. Haunted Mansion scared me, and I hid in my mom’s side on the ride. She thought it was fine since I was 5. She just comforted me after that, and to this day I am still afraid of it, not as much, but just a little. The idea of ghosts coming home with me isn’t a great idea, especially after watching so many paranormal videos.
    Also oogey boogey (and The Nightmare Before Christmas) frightened me too much. I’m still afraid of it. Again, not as much, but still.

  6. Mama Honey says:

    So. With the whole ” loving the thing that scared us as kids ” thing, here’s mine.

    I used to HATE watching Harry potter: the chamber of secrets because of Aragog, the big spider. And that scene in ( I think ) the Lord of the rings with the huge spiders who were trapping people in their webs.

    Now, Aragog is one of my favorite characters in Harry potter, next to Buck Beak, and that scene is my favorite to watch because of the spiders.

  7. Goldendoodlegamer11 says:

    Oof, hearing about the drop tower ride brought up a deeply repressed memory I had. I was pretty young and excited to go, but the guy working there closed the bars on my hair, yanking it backwards, so I had to deal with that the entire ride. Now I can’t even look at them when I go to theme parks.
    This video was phenomenal and EXTREMELY relatable. The music and humour are also great! Thank you for putting so much effort into your videos, they never disappoint

  8. Gumi says:

    I was also terrified of tower of terror as a kid and refused to even go through the line. Disney is extremely good at psyching you out. And then i got older and was trying to get over my fears and was determined to ride the tower of terror, and then it closed. So i had to face my fears of other coasters. My family lives close to santa cruz so we go there yearly and i rode all the scary rides, like double shot (250 foot high tower of terror) and the big dipper (tall roller coaster) and now i love those rides. Then last summer we went to Disney and visited the new marvel campus. (Its amazing) and the tower of terror is now guardians of the galaxy themed, and called mission breakout. I rode it, now my #1 favorite. Turns out ilove falling!

  9. Little Monster Animates says:

    My number 1 fear that never left since childhood are possessed doll’s like Slappy the puppet, Annabelle, Chucky, all them ceramic psychos. But Surprisingly to me now they are still freaky yet kinda fascinating like trying to figure out what they want to do for what reason or how they became like that and why? I fear dolls

    …and parental disappointment..this one had been a new concept since Highschool

  10. Laddi says:


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