My Coming Out Story | Growing Up MORMON

My Coming Out Story | Growing Up MORMON

Hey guys! Todays video isn’t much of a glam one! Its about My coming out journey and growing up mormon. It was difficult for me when I was younger but I got through it and I hope this video can help any others that might feel not good enough or not like who they are at that time… I promise that if you work on yourself, you will find a happy place. I love you guys so much!

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20 Responses

  1. DaniDotDee says:

    My heart goes out to you and those that have gone/going to gay conversion
    therapy! It is wrong and mentally/emotionally damaging on so many levels.

  2. tracey haynes says:

    Amazing video. So great to see someone being a true role model.

  3. W0nd3rland says:

    Manny, you are such an inspiration! To others and to me! As soon as I
    watched your videos for the first time, I was like boom! I like this bitch
    XD. To hear that your parents grew up with you and that they supported you
    as you explored your happiness makes me feel all warm inside! Tbh the most
    shocking thing in that video wasn’t that you tried to pray the gay away
    (though that was something I hadn’t heard someone do before) or that you
    stopped going to church, no the most shocking things to me was you got your
    tongue pierced XD! I gasped so loud and nearly spit out my cereal lol I
    don’t know why but I did! Maybe it’s cause I wish I had the balls to just
    go out and get my tongue pierced. Anyways Manny, I love you and I’ll always
    support you~!

  4. Chelsea Russell says:

    This is amazing babes! Your true fans love you for who you are, foul mouth
    and all lol❤️❤️ I got really teary eyes when you talked about your parents
    finding out. I can’t imagine the turmoil you were feeling inside. You are
    such a beautiful person inside and out and fuck what anyone has to say
    otherwise. Thank you for being such an inspiration to those who are just
    finding out who they are, and to the LGBT community. Maybe if there were
    more people like you, who say fuck it and be who you are, there would be
    more people who weren’t afraid to come out and be who they want to be.


  5. Brett Stanley says:

    why are yall calling him girl and her, he called himself a dude. he’s a

  6. lozette11 says:

    I want to know more about what they did in counseling to try to “reverse
    the gay”!!

  7. Jenny Cloyes says:

    So proud of you manny!

  8. lydia Diana says:

    I love you manny!!!! For opening up ! Now we feel more closer as manny-iacs
    towards you! Love love love ?

  9. Baeley Belcher says:

    Manny, It is shocking how much I relate to you.. I’ve lived in the bible
    belt for my whole life and grew up in a very conservative baptist family. I
    feel for you on so many levels and it’s so nice to hear another story
    similar to mine. Thanks! <3

  10. kandace cutler says:

    Wow Manny Mua you are absolutely AMAZING!!! I’m so happy that you are happy
    with who you are and it doesn’t matter what others think ,say or whatever
    because it’s YOUR life !You have the kindest heart and soul and are such an
    extremely talented makeup artist ! I truly admire you as you’re such an

  11. Alisha Saif says:

    we would love to see your stepping into the makeup world video <3 <3

  12. Dubraska Betancourt says:

    You are perfect!! I’m sorry for what you lived in the past, but that was
    make you the amazing way you are now. Love, hugs and kiss

  13. Caro Cabrera says:

    Omg you talk so fast hahaha love you Manny ?

  14. Brenna Nations says:

    girl, you wearing watermelon soda by Jeffree? ?

  15. Sophia Grønvold says:

    Gorgeous makeup!❤️

  16. Amanda Cara Turner says:

    I want to see a tutorial on your makeup in this video!! Super stunning!!
    I’m so proud of you Manny!! Love you to pieces!! ?

  17. Critterfurr says:


  18. Christina Valdez says:

    Love you Manny ???❤️

  19. Megan St. Esprit says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I am not LGBTQ, but I enjoyed listening to your
    story. I understand what it’s like to be the first child of very young
    parents and wanting to please them. It’s good to see that you are so
    accepting and aware of how your parents handled your coming out. I think a
    lot of people who struggle to see eye-to-eye with their parents would
    overlook their parents’ experience level and it would have negative
    implications for them.

  20. Makayla McMurray says:

    Manny you are soooo inspiring. ? I love how you keep doing you. ? I would
    love to see a video of how you came about on YouTube and in the Makeup
    industry, and people reactions on that. ?✨?