My Dad Hustled Me Hard

My Dad Hustled Me Hard

What my dad did is inexcusable…. Not the father and son moment you were expecting
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54 Responses

  1. Fox Goodman says:

    man everything cost money!!

  2. Hadley Paige M. says:

    I live in Massachusetts and figure skate. I love da cold ❄️

  3. Joel Villa says:


  4. Elijah Blough says:

    “It’s a hustle, sweetheart”
    -Nick Wilde, 2016

  5. Bubba : says:

    Pool balls were harmed during the making of this film

  6. jamiboy626 says:

    He Uncle Phil’d you 😉

  7. Hanzomain 1999 says:

    This reminds of that one Fresh Prince of Bel-Air episode when Will lost a bunch of money on a game of pool, and Uncle Phil had to get the money back for him

  8. Pamela Mertz says:


  9. Matt Spicer says:

    Alex, keep up the awesome work man!! love your videos!!! 🙂

  10. Ace Kuromatsu says:

    Is it a problem that I like his voice only when he is in cartoon form?

  11. Mario Whitmore says:

    Shovelling=consumes energy=food=money

  12. Dark Riot says:

    He’s like “I DON’T LIKE SHOVELING” *my brain* how about spooning 😆

  13. Trash Animations says:

    Shoveling the driveway?
    *That cost money*

    You need a driveway for that

  14. ej the dj says:

    It’s called a hustle sweetheart😁

    *Like this comment if you get that reference* 🐰🐺

  15. YouTube Commenter#1225648 says:

    Happy Birthday Alex’s Dad!!

  16. Zencha Plays says:

    Alex: F#$K
    Alex’s dad: Son I would wash your mouth out with soap but it’s a waste of $5

  17. Fable to Grave says:

    “I could tell because my wallet was tingling”

    Your dad sounds like an absolute legend lol

  18. V_Paradox says:

    So now we know were your sister gets her evil mojo.

  19. Spike_gaming says:

    I’m the kid down the street

    Now hand me the 20

  20. Yennie Fer says:

    I don’t like the cold weather either. ;u;

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