My Dad is Gay | The Secret Life of Lele Pons

My Dad is Gay | The Secret Life of Lele Pons

Repeating something over and over again in your mind may make it true but it doesn’t make it easy. At a young age, Lele learns of her father being gay and parents divorcing all while trying to deal with her mental health conditions and juggle aspirations for a professional career in music.

Find resources from The Trevor Project to help you support your LGBTQ family & friends:

If you or someone you know needs help, find resources in your area from the International OCD Foundation:

Produced by: Shots Studios
Directed by: Alicia Zubikowski

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72 Responses

  1. RyaanMT Mashups says:

    Lele is so strong and inspiring to be brave like this. She helped me grow up with her vines making me laugh everyday and now she’s helping me with my personal problems, such an inspiration. God bless you Lele, always been a fan ❣️🙌🏼

  2. Akeelah Miller says:

    I can’t wait becuase lele life is like a a game of junmaji just different thing apearing in her life

  3. Emely Mateo says:

    Even if her dad is really gay, I still support him, lele has gone through a lot and I will support her and her father😭🙂I love you lele

    • Ruth Sanchez says:

      Is that her real dad

    • Agent Andrew says:

      She doesn’t love you

    • Kristy Rowell says:

      He must be good dad like mine

    • Kelly Pals says:

      Love Kelly pals with like that would make sense of my time to get to the point that I know I am in life with like that would make artwork more interesting and more interesting to be able and the best way for the rest is that I don’t know how much of music I know I love but I’m not Going anywhere but I think I have to do something about this one and I think I just jumped on my head for the rest and it is a great idea to good people and the way we do something different feeling right about by ourselves and happiness is the same for us and we can see how we are looking for love Kelly pals

    • Jay R Bornemann says:

      Emely Mateo same here

  4. Areli Ramirez says:

    Title: my dad is gay
    me :did not see that one coming

  5. Lele Pons says:

    My dad is my best friend! The person I love most in the world and I will always forever support him. He’s the best father I could have ever asked for. LIKE the video if you watch it! I’ll see you next Tuesday for episode 3 ❤️

  6. Valeria Beckhoff Ferrero says:

    Its crazy to me that people only started respecting her because she is being open to all her issues. We should respect and be nice to everyone with or without issues. You never know what someone could be going through. And as Lele did, they could be hiding it.
    You’re amazing Lele!

  7. David Maddocks says:

    “I like sleeping because it helps me avoid reality”
    Couldn’t agree more😂😂

  8. Bobby says:

    The fact that lele has been through all of this and we didn’t even know
    Is just amazing because has been through so much and she is so talented and amazing

  9. Kylie Stocking says:

    Wait so her dad married the mom and had a child then turned out gay and he still has a marvelous relationship with his daughter. Wow I wish he was my father

  10. R A I D E N says:

    it’s crazy how people can have difficulties in their life and no one knows about it..

  11. Marissa Rose says:

    I’m an only child I just wish I had this type of family and relationship with my parents. I really admire lele and her father simply because it’s a relationship I’ve never had. It’s real love.

  12. Farah Love BTS says:

    It breaks me when I see her crying the girl who makes every person laugh nd make their days is the one who is not that happy at all… Always respected her talent nd her now respecting more n more❤❤❤

    • Zenigundam says:

      If you’re reading this, gay people are awesome, LeLe. Now give me your number please. 🐺

  13. Debra the Zebra says:

    I LOVE that she talked about executive function/dysfunction. It’s very rarely brought up in the community of mental illness and yet it impacts life so hard. I hope this series is eye-opening for a lot of people 🙂

  14. Ketty Edouard says:

    I love how he is a good father. He raised his children to be a good person when they grow up.

  15. jajaja says:

    Even after everything she goes through, she has the prettiest smile I’ve ever seen… I can’t imagine having that hard life, and everyday just get up and live with it. *BIG respect Lele* 💪👏

  16. Clash Gameplays says:

    It’s incredible how much these famous people go through even though us people don’t know the pain they have

  17. Kamilah Palacios says:

    This isn’t important but I love Lele’s mom’s signature sunglasses.She even wheres them inside 😂😂

  18. diana diaz says:

    when she said “i like sleeping it lets me avoid reality ” i felt that.

  19. Varenya says:

    lele: I took a shower yesterday
    Her dad: We take showers everyday even twice
    love that legit what I say. I am so happy for you Lele your so great!

  20. ava martinucci says:

    everyone’s talking about her dad, and im just like “sHe’S a ReaLy goOd siNgEr” 😂

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