My dog gets super excited at the food bin being opened, yet she’s very well disciplined.

My dog gets super excited at the food bin being opened, yet she’s very well disciplined.

My dog Indiana (Indy for short) gets really excited when she hears the measuring scoop in the food bin, but calms down and sits nicely prior to eating.

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20 Responses


    OH HO! very cute and smart dog I lovly

  2. YarshNBDP says:

    Any dog can be trained this well. It just takes time, effort, love, and a
    lot of patience. Even my rescued chihuahua mix will sit and wait to be feed
    now. A dogs behavior is directly related to its master. There are no bad
    dogs, only bad owners. Be patient and love your pets. Good job on raising
    yours btw! 


    0:37 “I’m getting tired of your shit Justin” :)

  4. mrzack888 says:

    like training a raptor

  5. MisterAngstrom says:

    Good dog! Good dog training, too.

  6. nickthedick135 says:

    Hey Justin what dog school did you out him through?

  7. Coastline Cool says:

    my dog is an idiot. i swear! he is scared of his freaking food!

  8. SomeDooD555 says:


  9. Troy Martinez says:

    Am I the only one who is getting vibes that the guy filming might be an
    extremely violent man?

  10. kab4292 says:

    with as calm as she was sitting there I was not expecting that
    reaction….i hurt myself laughing so hard…..then the ears went back and
    I was done! So sweet!

  11. JillyJabber says:

    ..was that poop smeared across the floor?

  12. Jeffrey Sanchez says:

    We named the dog Indiana

  13. ManufacturedLack says:

    Stainless steel bowls are bad for dogs teeth.

    Get some wooden bowls.

  14. Kyleigh Camp says:

    My name is ky and I looooooooooove cookies

  15. Carloman M says:

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  16. dinoatcharterdotnet says:

    That was hilarious

  17. AztecaOcelotl says:

    MY dog eats her food out of the air as I pour the new bag into her bin…
    Very little discipline.. I’m happy haha.

  18. zippedydoo1 says:

    My little brother has a service dog who is exceptionally well behaved even
    for a service dog and your dog is more well behaved than some service dogs
    I’ve seen.