My dog picks between $100 and his bone

My dog picks between $100 and his bone

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  1. Ryan Trahan says:

    top 10 anime twists of all time 😭

  2. Elise Ecklund says:

    this was very emotional

  3. L says:

    I’m actually crying because that was such a sweet gesture; he could have chosen a bone or money, but he chose you. We adore and support Spock.

    • ThatWeirdKeyboardKid says:

      L, what I don’t enjoy is seeing people commenting on every video they see with sub botted or bought accounts

    • berzerker says:

      @Awesome dude your life is based on replying to other people’s comments. Go drink some water. You don’t need to reply.

    • Norman Garder says:

      Yo clowns, you are all replying to an bot account who is stealing other’s comments

    • Awesome dude says:

      @Lava stakin for what

    • Jannie💕 says:

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  4. GetDevVedYT says:

    That shows the loyalty of dogs. Rather than take human greed or his prized possession, he chooses his owner. Respect to Spock

    • Fila Rhasti says:

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    • Yvng Q says:

      Unlike cats, who purr and rub all over you one second, then the next second hiss and attack completely unprovoked 🤦🏼‍♂️

    • Happy Hedgy says:

      @ТоммуInnit 🅥 You too nobody asked

    • Happy Hedgy says:

      @ti32💋💋 Nobody asked

  5. yikes says:

    we stan spock!

  6. Haley Pham says:

    Omg plot twist!!!

  7. Ainsley Sheeran says:

    This is literally the most wholesome thing I have ever seen.

  8. Arson_Jelly says:

    Aw man this is so heartwarming 🥺❤️

  9. Ethan Balzhiser says:

    That is adorable as heck I’m crying from how holy that was.


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