My Dogs Meet A Cat

My Dogs Meet A Cat

Huge thanks to our friends Jason and Gabs for allowing our dogs to meet their cat Melody, she is a 10/10 kitty would definitely keep she’s my cat now sorry guys. She also makes occasional appearances on Jason’s twitch stream, and we play PUBG with Jason almost every day we have a problem send help.

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24 Responses

  1. Patience Albright says:

    Get a cat Julie

  2. Victoria DIYs says:

    You’re definitely going to need to get a top for ad. I have two cats and a guinea pig, and my littlest cat, Apollo, loves to sit on the cage of my guinea pig. So you’ve been warned LOL

  3. great boi says:

    Omg queen melody
    Slayed that catwalk

  4. Derps says:

    #GETJENNATHECAT plzzz julien ;-;

  5. Irene Thatsallyouneedtoknow says:

    Didn’t anyone care about how stressed the cat was? This is not a good idea. Three dogs, especially a hyper active one, with one cat and add a hampster to the mix….you’re becoming the crazy pet lady.

    • sage says:

      Irene Thatsallyouneedtoknow a cat that has never been around those certain dogs before? of course it’s going to be stressed, it’s in a new environment.

    • Just another YouTube-Fangirl says:

      Irene Thatsallyouneedtoknow honestly, she was totally ok. She hissed, when it was too much for her and the dogs totally respected that. She had her free space at all times in this video. I would’ve been concerned if they chased her, but Melody was totally fine. It was an exciting, new but safe experience for all.

    • babyfruitbat says:

      I agree that the greyhounds might be a bit much for a cat but being a “crazy pet lady” and actual zoologist in training (my highest pet count in one house being 29 – and no we didn’t have fish) it all comes down to the management of each species.
      Also there is no P in hamster.

  6. E M says:

    I’m peach or marbles…..there is no in between.

  7. Nadz Somepie says:

    Poor Jason all the dogs on top of him(although that would be heaven)

  8. StayWeird says:

    that pioneer woman intro got me shook

  9. LifeAsMegan says:


  10. sarasthoughts says:

    Siberian cats have a lower amount of the allergen in their saliva, but it’s still there

  11. Skowler says:

    As someone who works at an animal clinic and is studying to be a Veterinarian, I’ll tell you how to make Julian fall in love with cats.

    Take him to your local shelter. They let you play and cuddle with the cats. Hundreds of cats are always available for adoption, and they’re always kittens. So when he gets covered in a 100 cats, he’ll fall in love. I did it to my boyfriend. 😉

    Good luck!

  12. Sydney Kate says:

    when you get a cat you should get a kitten because they’ll get along and adapt to living with a dog way more than an adult cat!!

  13. dabbody 123 says:

    Marbles Has Been Revived.Finally.

  14. Presley Smith says:

    Julien: We’re not getting a cat.

  15. Cermet says:


  16. Jazzerlat45 says:

    They’re gonna get a cat. Julien will give in lol

  17. Random [mamamoo] videos by random girl says:

    Why do I feel like Julian will eventually buy her a cat?

  18. Sabrina Marie Tyler says:

    I loveeeeee dogs but cats are honestly awesome, you have to earn their love, Julian if you guys got a cat and adopt a kitten from the shelter for like free or $5 like I did the kitten would grow up with the puppers and be so dope

  19. Community Cats says:

    Cats are the absolute best. I will say that the “forest” cats like the Norwegian, Maine Coon and Siberian cat (really the puffy long haired ones) seem to tolerate dogs the best. They are more laid back generally. If you do please get a rescue or socialized feral cat because there are so many that need good homes! Jenna – You can leash train them too.

  20. ShinyTentacruel says:

    Skip the cat, have a baby.

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