my dogs use bells to speak to me

my dogs use bells to speak to me

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My dogs are a step away from telepathy and probably kicking me out of my own apartment. Here’s how I made mistakes by teaching them how to ring a bell to use a litter box and generally drive me crazy.


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35 Responses

  1. Qwertyuiop Lkjhgfdsazxcvbnm says:

    Mykie is really just trying to train us to hit the notification bell

  2. EllieEye Girl says:

    I had a dog for about 8 months. Growing up, my mom and dad only ever let us have a cat and our cat absolutely HATED me. After my dad passed away when I was 12, we moved out of the state to get away from the memories and had to place our cat with another family. For about 10 years after my dad passed we had no pets. Going into my teenage years with a love for animals, this caused a lot of arguements between my mother and I. Then, she met a man and they dated for a while and he eventually moved into our house. He brought with him a 13 year old pitbull named Jada. I was immediately enthralled and for 8 months, we were inseparable. She slept with me and spent all of the time that I was home by my side. I wish I would have met her sooner in her life. She was my best friend and helped me get through many a hard time. The following spring, we found out that she had a very aggressive form of cancer. We tried to keep her as happy and comfortable as possible, but it eventually started showing and we had to put her down. I was gutted and I’ve never seen a man cry as hard as my mom’s boyfriend had. He buried her in our backyard, on top of a huge hill overlooking our development. I still miss Jada every day and I hope to one day have another puppy of my own.

    • neighbor stingray says:

      Awe I’m so sorry

    • Tiindraah says:

      You literally made me cry, oh my god, I can’t even imagine what it’s like to lose a loved pet and I am dreading the day my babiesstart getting weaker. I’m so sorry for your loss, pets are family <3

    • Makeup Minion says:

      Um Had a dog for 8 mths what happened?

    • Youtube Support says:


    • Debra Bernot says:

      That happend to mine too. Trixie was having seizures in on a couple of anti-seizure medications that would help for a little bit and then it went back to seizures again. It was a very long a hard Easter a couple of years ago. I miss my snuggle bunnie and our thumper ( our other dog) isn’t allowed on my bed brocade of his age.

  3. Style Cosmetics says:

    My dogs name is Sophie, she’s a mini golden doodle and lives for treats and any kind of attention she can get!❤️❤️❤️ p.s. I love you Mykie!❤️

  4. breezy says:

    the “dad did u see dat?” absolutely sent me because I know it’s Anthony now and I’m so happy for Mykie. 🥺🥺🥺

  5. Rebecca Schoedel says:

    Mykie: so all you nee-
    Ripley: ding
    Mykie:good girl! So all yo-

  6. BriAnna Crooks says:

    I died when he was just carelessly swinging his leg trying to hit the bell and he just kept moving it around and was looking at you the whole time. 😂

  7. Tiffany says:

    We trained our dog (a beagle named Honey) to “ring the bell” (we have ones that hang from our door). She rings them all day long. So I feel your pain. But we didn’t train her to use a litter box so we have to take her on a walk (with a leash) every time since we live in an apartment complex too 😂

  8. Brittany P says:

    I can attest to Frito feet. EVERY SINGLE dog that I have EVER had, has had Frito feet. It oddly smells good sometimes. Lol. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  9. Ashleigh Bligh says:

    Okay can we just talk about that transition tho 😂 did not see the ad coming up

  10. well ok says:

    creature: hits the bell

  11. Accidentally Meg says:

    “Freedom fries”😂 oh Anthony

  12. Hanne Søvik says:

    It is also really important to give the dog breaks during the training. Of course this varies, but from what I gave learned in my dogs and animal care lessons at school (vet and a guy who used to be in the militery with dogs) is to give the dog a break. We used to go at 10 minutes intervals ish, or when the dog was at its peak best. It is rather tiring for the dog mentally to do these kind of things. Varies from dog to dog ofc.

    It is important to remove the bell or the “target” during that time, as you always want to reward the dog when it hits the target straight away, as Mykie said, and you can’t do that during training if you’re not in the same room or even the same apartment as the dog.

    Only taken from what I have learned ofc

  13. Daliah Eileen says:

    Fun fact: some dogs feet smell like corn chips because of a healthy bacteria on their paws ☺️ kinda gross…but cool

  14. Alice Franks says:

    I have a dog- his name is Toby, he’s my profile picture, and I love him very much. He’s very scared of everything despite never being abused, we’ve had him since he was a puppy. He’s also, like Creature, not very smart.

    • Lynn C says:

      Alice Franks just a friendly suggestion.. have his hearing checked 🙂 .. Toby is precious by the way 💕

  15. Steff Anastasia says:

    I taught my dogs to ring the bell “to go outside” except they literally will just ring it constantly for treats now only 😑

  16. Kaycee Lockley mckenna says:

    I have two dogs a staffy called patch hes 11 years old and a pug called charlie who is 1 year old and they get along which is surprising

  17. Kirsten Williams says:

    I have a friend who’s trained his dog to hit jingle bells they have hanging on their door and it’s just the cutest! Also will there be any new merch? I have old merch and I want moreeee xx

    • Laura Eshelman says:

      My dog does that too haha it’s cute until he does it every five minutes because he likes to go in and out

    • Alexis Gammel says:

      We did this tooo, we started doing this at Christmas cause my rang the bells randomly and he just kept doing itttt

  18. Jeanette Alexandra says:

    I have a pitbull named Lola and I love her to death, my spot on the bed is wherever she’s not sleeping and she absolutely loves my heated blanket and she’s scared of my cats and my rats and she’s probably wayyyyyy to big to ever use a litter box

  19. Charlotte Carson says:

    One of my dog’s literally uses the toilet. No one taught her how to do it, she’s just weird.

  20. 1 Subscriber Before 2021 says:

    Mykie: “Creature, hit the bell.”
    Ripley: “Got it. Hit Creature.”

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