My Drunk Kitchen: Matcha Do About Nuttin’!

My Drunk Kitchen: Matcha Do About Nuttin’!

Today we make matcha chocolate peanut butter cups! Whatcha think? Wanna give it a go?


This is a truly wonderful time. These moments are treasures!

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37 Responses

  1. Tyshan L says:

    My favorite lesbmom

  2. Katie Phillips says:

    This recipe is my soul. Matcha is the core of my body.

  3. Chelsey Hawks says:

    I’m sold at the chicken nugget in your cauliflower rice😂😂🙌🏻

  4. esto pesto says:

    So you get drunk looking for recipes now too? 😂

  5. Ernomobiili says:

    Okaaay.. What’s going on with the audio?? It’s totally out of sync with your mouth

  6. Jennifer Rowray says:

    Hooray! For once I was literally staring at my YouTube looking for something to do while in between gay pride planning meetings and. PFLAG paperwork and TA DA an MDK just popped up.

  7. esto pesto says:

    Charles Xavier Hart! 😂😍

  8. Kyle Rowe says:

    I like it when the real chocolate magic happens 😊

  9. AveryEverHappy says:

    Charles is always looking for fame!

  10. esto pesto says:

    Hannah Hart. I love you and the fact you have a brownie corner tin but not a muffin tin. Again, 10/10 adulting 😂

  11. CyanRain7 says:

    I love how your shirt matcha-s the green filling 👀

  12. Da40kOrks says:

    Don’t buy organic. It’s a marketing scam with zero demonstrable benefit and is far worse for the environment.

    Spoiler alert: organic farming uses pesticides.

  13. esto pesto says:


  14. Omaro's Weekly says:

    I love the Maggie cameo

  15. JP JP says:

    Cheers luvvie, great thingy!! Btw did you ever get round to cooking stuff??

  16. Lauren Trossman says:

    tell Charles I say hi

  17. Leannuh Renee says:

    Your glasses are gorgeous!

  18. EmLee Gee says:

    Xylitol is made from birch trees. So it can be organic
    You can get brownie corner tins??!!

  19. Kate H says:

    So distracted by Charles that I can’t watch you cook Hannah because KITTY 🐱

  20. ziljin says:

    OMG is that Dyna-Girl?

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