My EMOtional Return

My EMOtional Return

I’M BACK FROM THE DEAD! TIME TO GET UNDEAD! (zombies.. we’re turning ourselves into zombies. and then some)


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33 Responses

  1. EaterOfPotatoes s says:

    when I was
    a young horse
    my father
    took me into the stables

  2. Nessawr says:

    I missed Mykie randomly procrastinating the rest of the video by creating weird hairstyles ??

  3. Tammy Young says:

    Watching a video and scrolling down and see your gorgeous wee smiling face omg immediate jump to this video ? we missed you xx

  4. Iris Vierhout says:

    Lol I laughed so hard when you suddenly threw the wig off.

  5. CheshieD says:

    “We’re just gonna roll with the day. It’s gonna be-“ *cuts to ad* lmfao

  6. Twenty One Sinners says:

    But…. I was living for Alexa play Careless Whisper 🙁

  7. patfigui02 _ says:

    Alexa… we meet again…
    You know what we want… PLAY CARELESS WHISPER!

  8. Mollie M. says:

    Girl I was getting ready for sleep w this video on and do u even kno my half awake confusion when Alexa started playing good charlotte

  9. Emma Kuhlmann says:

    glad you addressed the length of CVS receipts bc I’ve been pissed for a while

    • Christina Belle says:

      SAME! Theyre so worried about people smoking they stop selling cigarettes awesome… how about we worry about planet earth and all the trees you’re killing with those ridiculous reciepts now too!?

    • Groarrr says:

      @Christina Belle The truth is : paper can be recycled, and doesn’t require that many trees. Most of the deforestation comes from agriculture.

    • Katie Lynn says:

      They actually have an option to have their receipts emailed. I would suggest looking into it lol

  10. Tawney Thayer-Lowe says:

    Sooooo… do you think you could get away with a Careless Whisper cover???

  11. Jo Dee says:

    “my little pony, skinny and bony, went to the stable to die on the table” ???
    Yat, welcome back Mykie xx

  12. I Sued Min Yoongi says:

    Wait omg you were gone my whole break, i haven’t seen you since i was in School :’))

  13. Amalie Bramming says:

    I didn’t Think the title gave it away because i didn’t imagine you would go THAT emo?

  14. q says:

    mykie: i don’t have a hair tie
    also mykie: *holds up scrunchies and throwing them away

  15. Lorena Buergi says:

    I feel like someone needs to make a careless whisper remix using Ripley barks.

  16. Jan Marini Eslao says:

    Oh. my. God. Mykie is back with her high quality content ugh oh. my. God. What a time to be alive! ?

  17. Tig Ger says:

    “I feel like a cordless hand held vacuum”
    It’s good to have you back xx

  18. Ariane Pakisch says:

    Oh God. Never knew I missed Emo Unicorn Zombie realness in my life, but I definitely did!!!

  19. Bella Belldina Ray says:

    When she said, “I think it’s almost time for a Patrick Star Zombiefied.”

    I cried, I’m so excited.

  20. Hannah Mobbs says:

    You should of done a zombae vsco girl with a hydro flask smashed into her face

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