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Watch the Aquascape team as they expertly construct a beautiful goldfish pond in my backyard!

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Music: “Funky World” by Geoxor: and “Toy Houses” by Joey Pecoraro:

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32 Responses

  1. Joshua Fuhrman says:

    I think Chik Fil A is my favorite live addition to your house.

  2. Greg Wittstock, The Pond Guy says:

    We had so much fun welcoming you into the Aquascape Lifestyle! You are going love it so much I promise! Enjoy Cuff and Link too. We need more people creating beautiful Ecosystem water features where they live! Here to help you!

  3. Leogk001 says:

    I like turtles!

  4. ItzDragon Gaming says:

    Today is “ofishaly” pond day 😛

  5. taxu says:

    Get some comet goldfish

  6. Leaf The thief says:

    you should stock the pond with comet goldfish

  7. Meagan M says:

    Oh boy. I know what I’m building this summer.

  8. Ryan Clancy says:

    Put in some wakin, I LOVE them.

  9. Aqua Hogs says:

    How about some ranchu? They are awesome!

  10. George Rivera says:

    Now you just need a yellow brick road from your house around the pond and into the fish room

  11. kyle sawyer says:

    Wakin would be great !

  12. Tainted Meat says:

    Maybe a few Black Moor goldfish would be nice.

  13. Aquatics And furries says:

    That pond looks amazing. So pretty and love the sound of flowing water.

  14. Aquatics And furries says:

    Now you have a wonderful pond, how long before you get in to wanting koi and expand it?

  15. Manure Flour says:

    Aren’t Red Eared Sliders considered an invasive species in Florida?

  16. mattster1971 says:

    Okay nothing personal but you are beautiful, your pond is beautiful, your fish room is gonna be epic, your yard looks like crap! I guess now maybe you can put in some stone or sod the yard.

  17. Bryan BB005 says:

    What a great job they did on a pond wish you all the best this year

  18. Sweet Ashlie says:

    Chik a fila sounds so good rn 😀 I want to upgrade my mom’s pond that looks amazing! 👍

  19. Mukmin Daud says:


  20. Henry McCann says:

    Wow you are on 5 trending

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