My Everyday Makeup Routine

My Everyday Makeup Routine

Here is my much-requested “everyday makeup routine” – I hope you guys like it! Once again, I’m not a makeup artist at all, just tryna show you guys what products I use and what works for me. Also, please excuse the typo at 11:50 – I meant to type “powder” brush not “power” brush! Lol. Much love and I hope you guys are having a great weekend!

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20 Responses

  1. Safiya Nygaard says:

    FINALLY here is the much-requested “Everyday Makeup Routine”! This is the
    very first close-up “informative” makeup video I’ve ever filmed, I know
    it’s not perfect and I know my makeup isn’t technically perfect either, but
    I had fun doing a new type of video and I hope you guys like it too! Also,
    I didn’t forget eyeshadow – I don’t use much/any on a daily basis! So much
    love, bbs ?

  2. Saya Wilcox says:

    “I’m not a makeup artist, I’ve never been trained…” *does makeup

  3. Emma Aronsson says:

    Who wants a Lipstick collection?

  4. Scarlett Graceffa says:

    when ur over buzzfeed but you love Safiya <3333

  5. Zeba Khan says:


  6. Alessandra Santamaría says:

    fun fact: i was eating lasagna while watching this

  7. Lindsay Shomer says:

    You’re like higher quality better BuzzFeed

  8. Charlotte dw says:

    You should do a lipstick collection vid!

  9. Sarah Bellum says:

    I need to find a translucent powder that doesn’t make me look like a pissed
    off ghost in photos.

  10. Brenna Rose says:

    Wtf why is she so pretty without and with makeup.

  11. Kelsey Strang says:

    I love how every time I visit her channel she has 100,000 more subs than
    the last time?

  12. Parveen says:

    I hate Buzzfeed, but I love Safiya ??

  13. trashcan says:

    I’m a fifteen year old dude with no interest or experience with makeup at
    all but I’m here bc seriously who doesn’t love Saf

  14. Grace Anderson says:

    Heart hands…she must be in danger. maybe kidnapped. I bet someone is
    forcing her to make videos

  15. AmandaR182 says:

    It’s pronounced like “long-comb” Just so you know for the future… if you
    somehow read this. :)

  16. Tallis H says:

    Who needs buzzfeed when Safia has a youtube channel???

  17. zehra syed says:

    plzzz show us your lipstick collection plzz…lots of love

  18. Federico Pascuale says:

    What I really like about this video is that like you said at the beginning
    you’re not professionally trained, therefore you explain things that others
    youtubers who are professionally trained and have careers in the field
    often don’t; the way you talk is simple and straight forward but still
    explaining not only what you do but why. This video is perfect for someone
    who’s just getting started in the makeup world.
    Liked and subscribed, keep up the good job!

  19. xeesn says:

    Why is this recommended. I don’t even wear makeup. I never watched her
    channel. What the fuck YouTube?

  20. Claire Ashby says:

    You should do monthly favorites videos! You could do beauty products, home
    goods, music, cat stuff, clothes, random chachkies, food, etc.

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