My Experience with Sports

My Experience with Sports

i’ve done a sport or two in my day

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you 😀 ur better than any sport~

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59 Responses

  1. Fireboy says:

    Now I seriously want to see 4-yr old “Dancing in the middle like a queen” Jaiden’s Dance Recital in full

  2. Kitten Noir says:

    At first I thought it was a PAC MAN and when u said cheese I got confused

  3. candysprinkles says:

    I had pink jerseys and we were called “pink bubblegum”
    You know how someone can sit out? I WAS ALWAYS the one who sat out always because I was that bad.

  4. Chill Wil says:

    Jaiden inspired me to start doing Youtube💕
    The Animations in this video are on point!

  5. Space Ace says:

    at roughly 7:13 that animation is amazing im in actual shock. ive done animation before and that was so smooth that mustve taken forever. im in awe

  6. Ember Rhea says:

    So when i was in 1st grade I stupidly thought it would be cool to play football with some of the boys at recess. In my school the football field was just dirt and rocks so it hurt a lot to fall on it so everyday there would be one or two kids going inside from a bloody nose and i even saw a broken arm a few times. Anyway I was like 6 or 7 and had NO idea how to play football, so i’m standing on the side of the field watching them run around and some of the boys on my team were yelling at me to do something. I didn’t do anything tho and just stood there until some one yelled *My name* look out! I look up to see the football coming at my face. What do I do? Catch it haha NOPE. My arms go straight up and I stare at it coming at me until it hit me in the face and gave me a black eye… haven’t played football since.

  7. AnoosFluffyFox XOXO says:

    When Jaiden made a Boku No Hero reference I paused the video, laughed hysterically, then yelled, “Yas Jaiden, Watch Dat Anime!!!” XD god I’m such a Weeb

  8. J-D Thunder says:

    6:44 *frickin hell yeah*

    Jaiden did you just swear on my pg clean family friendly video????


  9. 20_houtex _06 says:

    Does playing on those active Wii games count like Wii sports or Wii sports 2.0

  10. Mokongthe3 says:

    Does Playing computer Game count as sport? because it has a game in it.

  11. UndercoverEggplant says:

    Fotage of small Jaiden doing sports
    Hell yes

  12. Ty Tang says:

    I just moved to Arizona a year ago… can’t even imagine playing tennis in the summer. How is that even legal?

  13. Lekoe Lee says:

    Just putting this out there

    *E sports is a sport*

  14. DinoToons says:

    The only PE I liked was the Minecraft kind

  15. Triplof says:

    i think your animations are more animeted now

  16. Gacha Annie says:


    are you pan?
    do we finally have something in common? ? ? ?

  17. Haleigh Sharp says:

    I am so bad at sports. I was the kid in gym who everyone congratulated when I actually touched a volleyball during a match, even if I didn’t get it over the net (this is literally not exaggerated). It was so bad that the teacher eventually just let me do menial chores around the place instead of participating in activities. And I still passed.

  18. Christina Kibe says:

    You know it’s a good day when Jaiden posts.

  19. EddyGaming says:

    That animation at 7:15 was so crisp, I didn’t know Jaiden was able to go plus ultra on animations

  20. Lillian Watson says:

    My parents started me out with gymnastics until they realized I am lazier than a sloth and as graceful as a Monkey. Then there was soccer which I did the same thing as Jaiden except someone was so focused on he ball once they ran into me and I blacked out for half the game. Last was martial arts which was something I could finally do with my brother so being able to kick his ass 2-3 times a week motivated me to keep doing for 6 years until I got too busy with school and had to drop out of sports.

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