My Family RATES My Athletic Ability

My Family RATES My Athletic Ability

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Hello everyone and welcome to rollerblading olympics where you get to laugh at how non athletic I am. I love you !!!!!!!

Filmed by Ethan Solomon:
Aunt susie:

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40 Responses

  1. Arantza Maria DE LA TORRE LEON says:

    morgan’s dad is so wholesome,
    protect him at all costs

  2. Anslee Kennedy says:

    Can we talk about how Austin is literally Morgan and Ryland combined?

  3. Kristen Reid says:

    “Austin just got annihilated by his girlfriend!”
    *”I’m his wife”*

  4. myahupplepuff says:

    “Hi I’m Austin I have a drinking problem”

  5. ItsYaBoiAmanda says:

    Everytime the camera showed your grandma holding the smiley face i couldn’t help but smile. It is the highlight of my day

  6. no says:

    I was really hoping her mom would have introduced herself as “Im vicky Adams and im Ryland Adams mom”

  7. Ninjawolfpup says:

    Am I the only one who died at Morgan saying “other components” instead of competitors

  8. Jackson David says:

    throwback to when susie didn’t wanna be in the videos and now she’s the legend star and icon we see today

  9. bianca duenas says:

    No one:
    Morgans mom: Alright Morgan I did my part can I go home and drink

  10. Kosmetics Queen says:

    “I’m his wife!” Yes Stacey. Tell her 😂 come correct.

  11. Paige Morris says:

    I think the real champion here is whoever was able to record this without dying the entire time.

  12. Medicine and Mascara says:

    Morgan attempting to jump over the cans and crushing one is literally me at any exercise 😂

  13. Jacquelyn S says:

    “Oh my god there’s a cliff here”
    “I’m inspecting the street. I wanna see where my tax dollars are going.”
    OMFG I’ve always found Morgan hilarious but that was 11/10

  14. Sarah Eiben says:

    Morgan trying to hide her boobsweat throughout the entire video is the most relatable moment of 2020.

  15. Earth, Moon and Mama says:

    Trinity complimenting Morgan’s eyes and the headband is the only best friend goal

  16. Alyssa says:

    I respect Morgan’s whole persona and I aspire to be that.

  17. - says:

    I could hear Ryland also saying
    “I would compete if you got me pink skates”

  18. Wendy Alejandra says:

    I don’t know how Morgan planned this whole thing knowing she couldn’t even skate 🤣

  19. Avery Foote says:

    No one:
    Morgans Grandma: “I only have a smiley and a frowney” PROTECT HER AT ALL COSTS

  20. ¡Official ! says:

    no one:
    absolutely nobody:
    not a single soul on this earth:

    Morgans grandma: (:

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