I recently went to Disneyland and wanted to make a video sharing some of my favorite Disneyland treats! What’s your favorite Disney themed treat?

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List of My Favorites:
1) Mickey Waffle
2) Disneyland Doughnuts
3) Dole Whip Soft-Serve
4) Matterhorn Macaroons
5) Mickey Beignet
6) Churro
7) The Grey Stuff

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All products, merchandise, and food purchased by me.

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20 Responses

  1. Habiba Alkhateb says:

    I went to a Disney themed hotel in Florida and I tried the Mickey Waffles they were and are my FAV food It’s delicious with whipped cream ??

  2. Rai Sengupta says:

    Make these for nerdy nummies

  3. Bored -_- says:

    Thumbs up if you think she should make eyebrow cookies with liza koshy!!

  4. Jerry Peters says:


  5. Lillian says:

    RO!! lease make the grey stuff from this video

  6. Lindsey Chan says:

    Ro should start a vlogging channel, like if you agree

  7. Kacey D says:

    My cousin works at Disney land, I get discounts?????

  8. Morgan Lemons says:

    0:11 That girl on the right lol xD

  9. Birnbaum 3 says:

    Ariza Fatima Happy Birthday! ????

  10. Jimme Romiti says:

    Now you have to make them!

  11. Sam the phan says:

    Is it just me or does roe look like belle from once Upon a time?

  12. I, TamiShey Make Videos About Weird Products says:

    omg who loves anything from Disney Land me

  13. Butterpunch1 says:

    Make those candies from Cut the Rope

  14. Fer Ramirez says:

    Pleaseee do a recipe of The princess and the frog beignets!!

  15. Im Secretly A Kitty says:

    I’m going to Disney next month so perfect timing with the video ro! I’m so excited!!

  16. Barbara sofia Ibarraq says:

    Please Ro teach us how to make churros?❤️?

  17. beautiful 469 says:

    can you make something 13 reasons why or pretty little liars themed

  18. Caroline Aloba says:

    can you make pasta pettunesca from a series of unfortunate events

  19. Thea E says:

    AAHHHH i wanna go to Disneyland so bad but i live in Australia!!!

  20. Molly Melon says:

    Could you make the grey stuff please!!!

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