My Fiancé Has Never Seen Me Without LASHES Until TODAY!! *He Didn’t Recognize Me*

My Fiancé Has Never Seen Me Without LASHES Until TODAY!! *He Didn’t Recognize Me*

Hope you guys enjoyed the video! ❤️
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14 Responses

  1. Veronica Alvarez says:

    She looks pretty with or without lashes 😊

  2. Janelle Corpuz says:

    you’re literally gorgeous with or without lashes and while you’re breaking out! You’re just so beautiful.

  3. selachii says:

    OMG Britney is so gorgeous with and without she rocks the natural look and the full lash one too 😭❤️❤️

  4. kat says:

    It’s perfectly natural to feel weird without something you’re used to wearing or having on, you look just as pretty as you are and feel with your lashes on 🖤

  5. clarissa says:

    she’s so pretty without her lashes omg 🫶🏽

  6. Your sister In Christ says:

    Girl this is insane you still look so insanely gorgeous with and without

  7. kasandra Catarino says:

    Personal opinion obviously but I absolutely love you without lashes!!! It looks amazing

  8. Faith Patterson says:

    you are gorgeous with and without. that natural beauty is crazy

  9. iiomq_nobody says:

    i’m so proud of you for your recovery from your ed!! that is so hard to over come but you’re doing amazing and i’m glad you’re able to share your milestone with us!! and you’re so pretty with&w/o the lashes !!!😩🫶

  10. Andrea Rodriguez says:

    I actually love how you look without lashes 😍

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