My First Baseball Game In Japan Was Crazy!

My First Baseball Game In Japan Was Crazy!

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29 Responses

  1. YOUNG SPY says:

    I’m a Japanese American currently living in Yokohama and a huge fan of the BAYSTARS and baseball. I’m so glad that you are showing what baseball is like here in Japan to all the viewers around the world. Many Americans still probably has alot of question marks when it comes to the NPB world where the atmosphere is completely different than the states but I hope many people can learn more about the culture here throughout these vlogs! Thanks Trevor and I’m excited to see you on the big stage this year ❤

    • Chief Lunar says:

      I’m an American living in America, and I also am so glad to watch baseball

    • J says:

      @Demon-lition I’m just messing with you. Agree Bauer exposed the hypocrisy.

    • JADiaz10 says:

      I’m really loving this series for the unique exposure to a scene we don’t experience

    • Demon-lition says:

      @J I like Trevor Bauer.. he taught us how everyone in the sport cheats and if you expose how pathetic the sport is. You end up playing in Japan with tiny athletes.😂🤣 I’m the biggest fan boy there is 🤣😂🤣😂

  2. Chairman Meow says:

    Its weird how things ended up this way but I swear, your personality was made for Japanese baseball. You can be obsessive about your craft and well, thats Japan! I think you are gonna absolutely love Japan and this season.

    • AsianVideoGamer says:

      I think most likely it’s coz MLB leagues all probably offered him low ball offers just coz Dodgers was footing the bill. Now this Japanese team is able to offer him something better so he went to give it a try.

    • Hamish the Irish Amish says:

      @Mario Jimenez It appears you need to find something else to do. Comment sh1+ on youtube is not constructive or healthy.

    • levy light says:

      ​@Mario Jimenez no one’s gonna “eff” you kid

    • billybobjack says:

      @Mario Jimenez you’re in love with him trevor bro😂 he’s not gonna EFF YOU

    • preston f says:

      @Mario Jimenez such a old take. Every 13 year old on tik tok says the same thing.
      You’re not edgy.

  3. Daniel says:

    The thing I like about Trevor is he is genuinely interested and intellectually curious about other people, cultures, etc, even when talking about something such as Pokemon.

  4. ようやっとる says:

    I am a BayStars fan living in Yokohama, Japan, and I am very excited to have Bauer here in Yokohama.
    As Bauer told me, the style of watching games in Japan and the U.S. is quite different. The “cheering songs” of the players are an important part of the culture. I hope that Major League Baseball fans will visit Japanese baseball stadiums when they come to Japan.
    And, like Bauer, enjoy Japanese culture, such as Tokyo Tower and Pokemon.
    And, above all, we are looking forward to the day when Bauer will pitch on the mound for the first team.

    • J S B says:

      I think American baseball fans are a bit envious of the Japanese baseball experience.

      It is sad that none of the MLB stadiums have the entertainment fir the fans as you have in Japan.

    • Ministry of Magic: Department of Mysteries says:

      Trevor’s first appearance was yesterday and it’s on YouTube for you to watch! Check out his community page and you can find the link to the game.

    • なぽりタン says:

      @Dustykatt Rhoades ︎👍🐯

    • GHOSTFACE says:

      Japan definitely is unique when it comes to baseball, which seems to pair well with Trevor’s unique personality. Every baseball fan should try to hit a game in Japan one day! Hope you get the opportunity to come and visit some of the historic MLB ballparks as well!

    • Dustykatt Rhoades says:

      I’ll be at a Hanshin Tigers game on May 19th! My first Japanese baseball game.

  5. Sullivan Bean says:

    I’m happy for you Trevor, the excitement from the fans, it’s so cool to see you back out there. Hopefully us Americans get the opportunity to get to watch you play again in the MLB

  6. Albert Lin says:

    glad to see the Japanese team respecting Bauer’s own training regime and routine, unlike the MLB teams who scoffed at him and tried to get him to fit in

  7. K O says:

    Your words give us new sights for our baseball culture. I hope you will love the time to play baseball in Japan and achieve success.
    Welcome to Baystars!!

  8. Kijung Paik says:

    It’s cool to see the Japanese embrace you and you embrace Japan. Hope everything works out 👍

  9. LAyeeeee says:

    This just made me want to visit Japan even more. The hero interview is the coolest thing I’ve ever heard of in a sporting event

  10. Johni South says:

    Greatest baseball reality show ever. Trev is my favorite pitcher.

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