My First Game In Japan Broke Records

My First Game In Japan Broke Records

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47 Responses

  1. Alfred Morris says:

    That glove company sending 3 reps out and turning around 2 custom gloves in 24 hours and breaking it in for you while you played. That’s how business is done right there.

  2. CruzIsDead says:

    the amount of filming you are allowed to do is AWESOME. love this

    • Nowell clay says:

      @j j Your 100% correct i’ll never froget google trevor bauers name everyday for two years hoping he will be back in the mlb

    • STRiKER45 says:

      @Aljon it definitively worked

      I saw the production of the game he went to in the last vid and tried to watch Roki Pitch at 4 am here in usa but I couldn’t find a livestream.

    • Eddie F says:

      That why he’s not in the MLB, his teammates would be so annoyed by all the cameras

    • j j says:

      Can’t believe Manfred robbed us and Trevor of two years of his career. What a fucking joke.

    • Duckster rodriguez says:

      ​@hr1meg most players don’t have a social media life where the camera is on all day . They enjoy private life so the few players that do vlog is always appreciated

  3. Chummy Corn says:

    Respect for him narrating for us whilst the coaches were evaluating him

  4. Chairman Meow says:

    Happy for you bro. You were made for Japan imo.

  5. Dominic Plascencia says:

    “Every time I look down at my glove I see 96 im reminding myself how i hard im supposed to throw” Had me dead 💀💀

  6. Tyler Grossman says:

    Seems like the Japan culture for baseball is at the top of the list and the amount of love and support you’re getting is awesome, Congrats Trev!

  7. Levi's burner says:

    Bauer has more interesting japan vlogs than a lot of foreigners who live there for years making japan vlogs

    Edit: cuz he’s a pro athlete competing in a pro league overseas

  8. Baseball all day baby says:

    My 9 yo daughter is addicted to your channel. She is a catcher/3b in softball and follows your throwing program. I was a college pitcher touching low 90s so I encourage the science based methodology. In 11 months she has went from 34mph to PRing at 47 yesterday.

    Keep up the good work! We both are pulling for you! She wishes you would come back and sign with the Astros or Rangers so we can come see you.

    • Brady Davis says:

      it go about 473 feet to dead center if see pitched to me

    • MrGreen says:

      @Legendary Skinman he’ll get back. ultimately teams will want to win and after he stays a season in exile and throws 96 consistently someone will sign it and absorb the cancel crowd for a little while. the dude just embarrassed people but was never charged nor convicted of a crime unlike so many others in MLB

    • Legendary Skinman says:

      I’d love to see this guy in the MLB again one day

  9. Gabe Alcantar says:

    Trevor is truly an inspiration, MLB fumbled for not bringing him back

    • Alex M says:

      big facts

    • robert breton says:

      @Joe don’t take it too literal, I obviously meant most in his field. So far he has used interpreters for most encounters. English is spoken in big cities amongst business professionals yes. But so far he seems to be around alot of people that do not speak it. Either way it’s alot different than being in US. Just watch the video of him trying to figure out subway system and signs etc.

    • Boogaloo Baloo says:

      @Joe Last video literally showed am English speaking Japanese cashier help Trevor and Chalupa with a problem at self checkout lol

    • Joe says:

      ​@robert breton nobody speaks his language?? Bruh Japan has a ton of English speakers, English is the language of business and we’ve had close business ties with them for almost 100 years at this point

    • Robert Ewalt says:

      @JRC Japanese is more different from Chinese than German is from French. Not Chinese checkers, which was invented in Germany.

  10. Brazen NL says:

    Man, I’m so happy for you. You look like you’re having fun, and respecting the culture by adapting to it. Kudos. It’s not easy to get settled in another country, I’ve done that a couple of times.

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